Stylish Ways to Accessorize Your Wardrobe with Fur

Get stylish with real fur accessories.

Real fur accessories can be worn in a stylish manner.

When most people think of furs, they think of real fur coats and tend to forget about the many real fur accessories available. However, if you aren’t the type of person who wants to wear full furs or you prefer to change things up every now and then, you can choose to accessorize your wardrobe with fur instead. Once you learn how to use fur as an accessory, you will open up new options to give you the opportunity to customize your wardrobe and change things up a bit.

Wear It Casually

Many people think of luxury when it comes to wearing real fur coats, but did you know you can wear it casually too? Knowing how to wear a fur coat casually will provide more versatility for your coat so you can wear it just about any time. For instance, draping your fur coat over your shoulders, rather than putting your arms through the sleeves and closing it, will offer a different look that creates an air of casual.

Fur Handbags

You don’t have to actually wear the fur to be an effective way to wear your furs as an accessory, rather than the main attraction. Fur handbags can be an excellent accessory for use during the warmer months of the year or for those times when you don’t want to put on your real fur coat when you’re heading out on the town. These bags come in a variety of styles, sizes and fur types so you can choose the one that will go best with the rest of your wardrobe.

Fur Vests

Another great option for accessorizing with furs is women’s fur vests. These vests are an excellent alternative to wearing a full fur coat. When you accessorize your wardrobe with fur instead, you can get the incredible look you want without feeling too warm. There are some conditions where wearing a full fur just isn’t the right option. In these situations, a fur vest can offer a great look without the added warmth you don’t need. Women’s fur vests come in a variety of colors and fur types for the exact look you want.

Fur Hats

Instead of donning the fur coat, fur hats can be a great way to add a touch of fur to your wardrobe. They are also a more affordable option than many other furs because there isn’t as much material involved. This is why many people choose a synthetic material for their coat and then accessorize with a number of real fur accessories, such as adding a fur hat. The fur hat will provide incredible warmth in a new way.

Fur Scarf

In addition to adding a fur hat to your wardrobe, a fur scarf can be a great option to keep you warm and help you look stylish at the same time. This scarf can be worn in a number of ways itself. For instance, you can wrap it around your neck like you would a traditional scarf or you can loop it around your neck in the latest style. When you accessorize your wardrobe with fur scarves, you will find a stylish look you wouldn’t otherwise be able to accomplish.

Fur Embellishments

You don’t have to wear any piece of clothing that is made entirely of fur. In addition to full furs, there are many options that use a touch of fur to embellish your look and create a fashionable style for your wardrobe. For instance, you can find coats made from a variety of materials that feature a fur collar and cuffs to complete the look. Or perhaps fur lined boots would be more your style. There are so many options to help you accessorize with fur so you can look and feel great.

Choosing the right real fur accessories is important to help you accessorize your wardrobe with fur rather than wearing a full fur coat. Regardless of the options you choose, you will find a variety of fur accessories in Dallas that will help you create the final look you want to achieve. Whether your goal is to stay warm or you just want something a little more stylish, fur accessories are the way to go.

If you’re looking for the best fur accessories in Dallas, contact us. We carry a full line of real fur coats and accessories to create the overall look you want to achieve.

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Must Have Fur Coats for the Winter Season

Keep up with the latest fur coats trends.

The trends for fur coats are constantly changing.

Just like all of the other fashions, fur fashion can change every season. With winter approaching and the weather growing colder, furriers are bringing out the latest winter fur coats to share them with their customers. Before you head out to check out the latest in real fur coats, make sure you understand all the latest trends so you can make the best possible choice to keep you fashionable and warm this winter.

Cropped Jackets

One of the most popular options in the world of fur fashion is the cropped jackets. These shorter jackets are perfect for the spring or fall just about anywhere in the United States, as well as during the winter months in the warmer areas of the country. They are available in a number of colors and fur types to give you the options you’re looking for. Many of the top designers in the fashion industry have created beautiful furs in this cropped, boxy design that has rapidly increased in popularity for the winter of 2015-2016.

Floor Length Coats

The floor length fur coats have quickly made a comeback, giving individuals back the sense of luxury for which winter fur coats were once known. However, these real fur coats are now more affordable than ever and can be worn by just about anyone. These coats can come in just about any fur type, but it’s important to realize certain furs can be more expensive than others. For instance, a floor length mink fur coat will cost much more than a typical fox fur coat of the same length. Before you shop, be sure you set a budget and know what color you are looking for to give you the best chance of finding the perfect winter fur coat.

Fur Capes

A full fur coat isn’t the only option people are choosing for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. A fur cape can be a great addition to your wardrobe when it’s not quite cold enough to wrap yourself up in a full fur coat, but you don’t want to leave the house without your furs. The fur cape can help keep out the elements, while still offering a fun look that goes well with just about any outfit. Not only are these capes made from many of the most popular types of furs, but they also come in a number of colors and styles to best fit in with the rest of your wardrobe.

Bright Colors

While many people prefer the natural colors in which furs come, such as white, gray, shades of brown and black, there are others who prefer dyed fur coats because of their ability to blend in with any outfit. Today’s society praises those who stand out and buying a winter fur coat in a bright jewel tone color is the perfect way to achieve that goal. You will get the same incredible warmth you’ve come to expect from real furs without having to settle for a synthetic material.

Fur Embellishments

A full fur coat isn’t the right option for everyone. That’s why runways today are showcasing beautiful coats that make use of fur, particularly along the collars and cuffs, without overwhelming the body in a fur. For some people, a real fur coat is too bulky and doesn’t provide the exact look they want. For these individuals, choosing a leather coat that’s embellished with real fur is the perfect alternative.

Fur fashion is constantly changing, just like every other aspect of the fur industry. With the new fur season rapidly approaching, it’s time to evaluate the different styles and select one that best fits your personality, your wardrobe and your intended uses. Before you start working with an experienced furrier to choose the perfect coat to add to your collection or to start one, make sure you are aware of the newest trends so you can pick a coat that will stand the test of time.

If you’re looking for a new real fur coat in Dallas, contact us. Our professional furrier takes pride in implementing the latest styles into his designs so our customers will look and feel fabulous.


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How to Choose the Perfect Fur Coat to Keep You Stylish and Comfortable

Choose from a variety of types of fur coats.

There are many types of fur coats from which to choose.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is what type of fur you would like to wear. While many people are aware of some of the most popular types of fur coats, such as mink and fox, there are a vast array of options, each of which offers its own list of advantages and a different look. If you’re considering taking the next step and investing in a luxurious fur coat that helps you look stylish and stay comfortable too, understanding the different options can help you narrow down your choices and make the perfect selection to meet your needs and your expectations.


Perhaps one of the most sought after options is the mink fur coat. This type of fur is known to be incredibly soft and provides the luxurious feel most people think of when they hear the term fur coats. Because of the desire for these fur coats, it can also be one of your most expensive options, though it is well worth the cost when you realize the level of luxury and warmth it exudes. With its long hair, many people love the run their hands through mink, making it a popular choice for many, despite its high cost.


Another popular type of fur for fur coats is the fox fur coat. This fur is available in a variety of colors, not just the red fox with which many people are most familiar. In addition to red, you can expect to find shades of gray, white, silver and even blue. This fur often provides a more luxurious feel than many other types of fur, allowing for a soft touch. Fox is often the top choice when it comes to trimming coats, including cuffs and collars.


Many people don’t think about rabbit fur when they’re considering which fur coats to buy. However, this fur can be an excellent addition to any wardrobe. This medium-length fur comes in a number of neutral colors, including white, gray and brown, and can provide an incredible level of warmth. It is often ultra-soft to the touch and creates a beautiful textured look. Rex rabbit fur is one of the most popular options in this category.


Perhaps one of the most underused types of fur, lamb can provide a short, curly look you can’t get from many other types of furs. Sometimes used as accents on other types of fur coats, as well as on leather, calgon lamb fur stands apart from all the rest because of its unique look and feel. Lamb has quickly climbed up in popularity because of its luxe and its affordability in contrast to other furs.


The chinchilla is an animal many people aren’t familiar with, but their fur can be the perfect option for fur coats. Just like mink, this type of fur is incredibly soft to the touch and exudes a sense of elegance many other furs can’t match. This fur is available in shades of gray and slate blue, creating a visual effect no other fur can replicate. This beautiful addition to your fur wardrobe offers a beauty all its own.


When you choose beaver for your fur coats, you are choosing a versatile option that looks great when used in a number of ways. Some people love the look of natural beaver fur, with its long guard hairs and luxurious look. However, another popular choice among beaver fans is sheared beaver. Cutting away the long outer hairs leaves behind a soft, luxurious short fur that looks great and feels soft too.


A prized fur from Russia, sable fur isn’t a common choice, but it can offer some amazing benefits. This silky fur is more difficult to find, which means it will typically have a higher price tag. However, the soft, luxurious feel, along with the unique brown color with silver highlights, makes this type of coat a welcome change from the other types of fur coats on the market.

There seems to be an endless number of types of fur coats from which you can choose. For most people, there is no right or wrong answer for choosing a comfortable, stylish fur coat. The bottom line is finding a color, along with an overall style, that appeals to your sense of fashion.

If you’re looking for the best fur coats, contact us. Morris Kaye & Sons Furs offers a vast selection of fur coats in a variety of types and styles to best suit your sense of style.

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How to Keep Your Real Fur Coat Looking Elegant and Luxurious

Take great care of your real fur coat.

A real fur coat requires specialized care.

When you have a real fur coat, you likely spent a lot of money on something you expect to last. Like most other items, it’s important to know how to take care of real fur to ensure it doesn’t wear out prematurely. Because real fur is so different from the other materials from which other winter coats are made, they require specialized care to protect the fur from damage and unnatural wear and tear. The following tips will help you keep your furs in prime condition to ensure your investment is properly protected.

Protect It from Mold and Similar Issues

Real fur is more susceptible to moisture damage than many other types of coats, particularly because there is some natural moisture already present in the furs. While you may not be able to replicate the right conditions, your fur coat should be fine in your home throughout the winter months. During the hot, summer months, though, you will need to get real fur storage to ensure your coat is protected and in the right conditions. The ideal conditions for real fur coat storage is between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 percent humidity.

Check for Signs of Wear and Tear

Even if you protect your fur coat, it could be damaged, as well as go through normal changes associated with wear and tear. While there may not be much you can do about stopping this wear and tear, if you identify problems in their early stages, the chances they can be fixed without causing further damage increases. At least once a year, you should take your coat to a professional furrier for inspection to look for damages that may not be visible to the untrained eye.

Seek Fur Repairs for Damage

If your real fur coat suffers damage, either through normal wear and tear or due to something more severe, it’s important to seek the help of a professional furrier. Because they put together a large number of fur coats from scratch, they are more qualified to perform the repairs needed to put your luxurious real fur back into shape. They understand the right way to perform necessary repairs so you can keep your fur in great shape for longer to get the most out of your investment.

Use the Right Daily Care

While your real fur coat is in your possession, it’s important to take the right steps to protect your real fur coat and keep it from serious damage that could harm your investment. For starters, make sure you store your fur coat in a closet where there is plenty of room to breathe. Packing it in with a bunch of other coats can cause a variety of damages that may not be reversible. In addition to finding the perfect space for storage, always use a sturdy, broad hanger to prevent damaging the shape of the shoulders. Finally, never store your real fur coat in any type of garment bag and avoid the use of hairsprays, perfumes and other cosmetic chemicals that can cause serious damage to your furs.

Get Regular Professional Fur Coat Cleaning

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to learning how to care for real fur is not taking it for professional fur coat cleaning. Unlike your other winter coats, you can’t throw your fur coat into the washing machine and dryer, nor can you take it to your local dry cleaner. You need a professional furrier who knows which processes to use to ensure your fur coat is in good condition and to slow down the regular wear and tear. Your real furs may not look like they need to be cleaned, but removing the debris and dirt that collects in the fur is an absolute necessity to ensure the leather underneath the fur doesn’t dry out prematurely.

If you don’t know how to take care of real fur, you could be causing serious damage to your real fur coat. Because you spend a lot of money on your furs, it’s important to know the best methods of taking good care of it. Real fur coats in Dallas are more susceptible to damage, especially during the hot, humid summer months, but when you take the right steps, you will find your furs will last a long time and continue to look beautiful.

If you’re looking for the best real fur coats in Dallas, contact us. We can help you take great care of your real furs so they continue to look luxurious and elegant.


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How to Look Stylish and Fabulous in Real Fur

Look fashionable for any occasion with real fur coats.

Real fur coats can look fashionable for any occasion.

Real fur has long been used as source of clothing, dating back to prehistoric times. While the types of fur coats and how to wear real fur have changed dramatically over the years, fur has held the test of time and continues to be a valuable option for women of all ages and economic levels. Fur may have been reserved for the elite in generations past, but today, women in fur can be found just about anywhere. The following tips will help you wear your real fur accessories and coats for the most fashionable results.

Choose Shorter for Casual Looks

When you think of the different types of fur coats, it’s likely a long, luxurious fur coat makes you think of fancier occasions and luxury. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear fur coats for any occasion. If you’re more interested in a casual look for your real fur, consider a shorter option, such as a fur jacket. However, you can still use it for fancier occasions by dressing it up with jewelry and a small clutch purse, giving you a more versatile option than opting for a long, flowing fur coat.

Avoid a Chunky Look

Wearing real fur has a tendency to make your body look fuller than it really is. Let’s face it, fur is bulky and can create a look you don’t want if you don’t know how to wear real fur properly. To help fix this issue, consider wearing something thin and light underneath your fur coat. This will help balance your look and avoid adding extra bulk to your frame.

There Is Such a Thing as Too Much Fur

It may not seem possible, but there is such a thing as wearing too much fur. If you are wearing fur from head to toe, you’re more likely to look like an animal than a person. For instance, if you’re wearing a fur coat, you don’t want to carry a fur handbag and wear a fur muff, fur gloves and a fur hat. Instead, choose just one or a few pieces. If you want to wear your favorite fur coat, pair it with leather gloves and your best handbag. On the other hand, if you want to wear your real fur accessories, choose a leather jacket or a synthetic material.

Fur Accessories Are a Great Alternative

Not everyone wants to wear a full fur coat. Some individuals prefer just a touch of fur to accent their outfit or outerwear. For these people, choosing from a variety of fur accessories can be the perfect solution. Choose to wear boots with a fur lining, carry a fur handbag or drape your neck with a fur scarf or shawl over your winter coat. The options are virtually limitless for what accessories a good furrier can create.

A Fur Vest Is Chic and Elegant

Perhaps one of the most versatile ways to wear real fur is to choose a fur vest. These vests can be made from a number of fur types and can create the perfect look for many pieces you already have in your wardrobe. Wearing your fur vest is the perfect option if you’re heading out on the town and it’s not quite cold enough to wear a full fur coat. You will stay warm and look fashionable at the same time.

Fur Looks Great with Just About Anything

When people think of fur, they often think of elegance and high society. However, fur wasn’t always something people only wore for fancy occasions or because they were rich. Today, real fur has gone back to its roots and can be paired with just about anything you want to wear. Women in fur can be seen wearing fancy ballroom gowns, all the way down to skinny jeans and a nice top. There are no longer limits on what you can wear with your real furs.

As you consider breaking out your real fur when the weather gets colder and winter approaches, it’s time to think about how to wear real fur. Like all other matters of fashion, times change and so does the way you use certain types of attire. When it comes to the types of fur coats and real fur accessories that are available today, these tips will help you get you started on the road to a more fashionable look.

If you’re looking for the best real fur coats, contact us. Morris Kaye and Sons Furs strives to stay on top of the latest in fur trends so you can always find what you’re looking for.

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What’s in Style for Real Fur Coats for the 2015-2016 Season?

Real fur jackets look great with denim.

Denim is one of the latest trends in real fur jackets.

Just like every other area of fashion, the style trends for real fur coats change from season to season. Even though there are some fur coats for women and men that are always in style, it’s important to keep up with the latest trends so you can make the perfect choice when you buy a real fur coat. The following trends are picking up speed for the 2015-2016 winter season as it rapidly approaches.

The More Fur the Better

While many fur jackets in recent years have sported smaller amounts of fur because of the stigma that sometimes follows furs. There are still many people who protest the use of fur as something to wear, which can often make individuals uncomfortable when heading out in public. However, there’s no warmer material than natural fur jackets and other furs. Slowly, these trends are changing. As the new line of real fur coats comes out for the upcoming winter season, you will find more fur is currently in style. You will find plenty of long fur coats with added fur collars and fur cuffs, giving you all the luxury fur can provide. The more fur your coat contains, the more in style it currently is.

Creativity Is In

In addition to using lots of fur to create new fur coats and other accessories, today’s furriers are really getting creative with their furs. You will find furs in a variety of patterns, including stripes and spotted patterns. Not only can you find a vast array of patterns in your furs, but you will also encounter a wide array of bright, unnatural colors for fur coats for women and men. Fur can be dyed in just about any other color, making it relatively common to find furs in shades of red, blue, purple and more.

Consider Fur Collars

If a full real fur coat isn’t the right choice for you, you can still take advantage of all the luxury you can expect from fur jackets. Fur collars are a current trend you can find on coats that aren’t made entirely of fur. These fluffy fur collars can help you keep you warm and protect you from the elements without fully encasing your body in the luxurious furs. Fur collars look great on leather coats, as well as other types of coats, giving you a different look than the traditional winter coat without having to invest a lot of money in a full fur coat.

Patchwork Is a New Trend

While it has been used in the fur coat industry before, fur coats that use a patchwork pattern are becoming increasingly more popular. This method of putting together real fur coats allows you to choose more than one type or color of fur and put them together into a new creation. Everyone will notice this new type of fur coat and are sure to ask where you found it. This is also a great option if you’re having difficulty choosing just one fur for your next coat.

Pair It with Denim

Even though many people think denim was left behind in the 80′s, it has been making a comeback, especially when it comes to fur jackets. Choosing denim for your favorite jacket doesn’t mean you have to leave the fur to the side. You can pair the two together for the perfect combination of casual and luxury. The fashion trend of combining two opposites into something new has bled into the fur coat market.

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends doesn’t have to be a complicated process. When you are looking for the perfect real fur coat to wear this winter, you don’t have to settle for only vintage fur coats. While these fur coats are just as fashionable today as they were in the past, there are other types of coats that have come into style this year, giving you plenty of options as you begin your search for the perfect fur coats.

If you’re looking for a vast selection of real fur coats, contact us. Morris Kaye and Sons Furs has a long reputation for creating quality fur coats that are on trend.

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Why It’s So Important to Clean and Condition Your Fur Coat

Keep your coat in good condition with professional fur coat cleaning.

Professional fur coat cleaning is essential for keeping your coat in good condition.

Fur coats can be beautiful additions to your winter wardrobe. However, fur cleaning isn’t the same as throwing your other winter coats into the washing machine or taking it in for dry cleaning. Professional fur coat cleaning is a necessity to ensure your fur is properly protected and the natural oils of the pelt aren’t washed away. Knowing how to take care of real fur is essential to ensure you protect your investment and don’t cause unnecessary damage to your coat.

Protect the Natural Oils

While fur coats won’t appear oily like human hair can, there is still natural oils present on the pelt that keep the hairs moisturized and looking great. Unfortunately, these oils are susceptible to drying out and could be stripped away completely if you try to clean your fur coat through other methods. Getting professional fur cleaning will ensure you protect the oils from drying out and keep them on the pelts where they belong.

What Happens When Natural Oil Is Lost?

It may seem like the natural oils in a fur coat aren’t important because the animal is no longer alive but without them, the hairs of the fur will become brittle and weak. Some of them will fall out and others will break, leaving your fur coat in a state of disrepair. Unfortunately, this type of damage can’t be repaired by even a professional furrier, leaving you with something to be thrown out rather than worn.

Clean Out Damaging Elements

Even though most people know how to take care of real fur by preventing spills and other problems that can leave your coat in need of a good cleaning, there are reasons why you need professional fur coat cleaning on an annual basis. Over the course of normal wear, it isn’t uncommon for your fur coat to be exposed to pollutants, dust, salt, dirt and other contaminants in the air. If these contaminants are left within your furs, especially while you store them, you will find it dries out the natural oils more quickly. A good fur cleaning will remove these damaging elements and help protect it for the long term.

What About Conditioning?

Even if you already know about fur cleaning, did you know it’s important to condition your fur coat as well? It’s only natural for the oils in a fur coat to evaporate over time, even when you properly clean your coat and take great care of it. It’s a normal process you can’t stop. However, your professional furrier can help with fur conditioning in Dallas. This process reintroduces oils to the furs so they can remain moisturized and in good condition. This is best done after a cleaning to ensure all contaminants are first removed.

How Often Should It Be Done?

Professional fur coat cleaning should be done once a year when you take your coat to the professional furrier for storage over the summer months. If this is done before it goes into storage, you can feel confident your coat will be ready for you as soon as the temperatures begin to decline. However, fur conditioning may not be needed annually. Talk to your professional furrier about how often fur conditioning should be done. In some cases, it may need to be done every year.

Your Coat Requires Special Care

Many fur owners make the mistake of thinking they know how to take care of real fur. Unfortunately, they think it can be cleaned through conventional methods or that it doesn’t need to be done at all. This lack of care will result in the rapid demise of the furs, leaving you with nothing to show for your investment.

Learning how to take care of real fur is essential if you want to protect your investment. Fur coats are expensive, but with the proper care, they can last for many years, giving you the satisfaction of owning a beautiful fur coat that will keep you warm throughout the winter, regardless of how cold it gets. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize the importance of proper fur cleaning and fur conditioning, leaving their furs to deteriorate more quickly.

If you’re looking for a furrier for professional fur coat cleaning and fur conditioning in Dallas, contact us. Morris Kaye and Sons Furs can provide all the services you need to keep your fur in great condition.

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Don’t Wear the Same Fur Coat This Season; It’s Time for Fur Restyling and Renewing

Transform the look of fur coats with fur restyling.

Fur restyling can transform the look of fur coats.

You’ve spent a lot of money on your real fur jacket and promised yourself it would last you a lifetime. However, after some time has gone by, you may find that fox fur coat just isn’t the right style for you any longer. While many people simply discard an old winter coat after they are done wearing, the investment you make in a winter fur coat doesn’t make that any easier. Instead of getting rid of your old fur coats, fur restyling can help you change the way your coat looks without throwing away the investment you made.

Alter the Length

When many people purchase a new winter fur coat, they choose one that is long and provides a sense of elegance no other type of coat can portray. If your real fur is long and luxurious, you will have plenty of options for restyling your fur coat into something else entirely. Shortening a fur coat allows you to create just about anything you want without having to make any major changes to the coat itself. You can keep the same basic style, only in a shorter version that is ideal for women on the go.

Reline It

Sometimes it’s the lining that wears out. When this happens, you may be left to feel like you don’t have many choices for how to handle things. You may feel like the only option you have is to recycle it or get rid of it some way. The truth of the matter is a good furrier can help you restore your coat back to its former glory by installing a new lining in it. Choosing a different color or even transforming your coat into a reversible winter fur coat can be a great way to alter its look and even its uses.

Create Something Entirely New

If you love the piece of fur you have but no longer enjoy the style, you can consider taking your real fur jacket apart and make something entirely new. An experienced furrier can take apart your fur coat piece by piece and then put it back together in a whole new style. While there are exceptions to what can be done with a particular fur coat, your furrier will work with you to determine what options are possible. This will give your coat a new look.

Add Some Extra Touches

Sometimes all your fur coat needs is some new embellishments to make it look spectacular and new again. As part of the fur restyling process, your furrier can add some extra touches to the jacket. For instance, if your fur coat closes with buttons, consider adding a zipper instead. Restyling your fox fur coat by adding a different type of fur as trimming along the collar and cuffs can be another great option. Look at the various styles that are already available, as well as talk to your furrier to gather ideas. This will help you create a real fur jacket you can be proud to wear.

Create Accessories

Instead of using your winter fur coat to create a different type of jacket or coat, consider using your fur coat to create amazing fur accessories that will help you look stylish and won’t waste your investment. A quality fur coat can quickly and easily become gloves, a scarf, a hat, a handbag and much more. These items become the perfect complement to any winter coat, whether it’s made of fur or some other material.

Make Something for Your Home

If you are no longer interested in wearing a real fur coat, there are other options for fur restyling. A long, luxurious fur coat can quickly and easily be transformed into a warm blanket you can use at bedtime or just to decorate your home. Pillows are another popular option when you’re ready to transition your furs into something else.

A winter fur coat is an incredible investment that will keep you warmer than any other option available on the market. However, when that fur is out of style or you no longer want it, there are other options. For instance, you can take your old fur coat and have it restyled into just about any other style you want. If you no longer want to wear a fur coat, it can easily be transitioned into fur accessories or home decor, helping you find new ways to use this investment.

If you’re interested in fur restyling in Dallas, contact us. Our furrier can help you redesign your fur coat into something you will love to use.

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How to Tell If a Leather Jacket Is Made of High-Quality Leather

Look for soft and smooth in a high-quality leather jacket.

A high-quality leather jacket will be soft and smooth.

While most people think of buying fur coats when they thin of a visit to their local furrier, there are often genuine leather coats for sale as well. A men’s or women’s leather jacket can be the perfect alternative for those who want to wear something natural and don’t want a fur coat, as well as for those who are looking for something suitable for slightly warmer weather. If you’re shopping for the best leather jackets, it’s important to make sure you know how to spot the highest quality to ensure longevity and value.

Avoid the Patchwork Look

The patchwork look may seem interesting and eye-catching, but it is actually a sign of low-quality leather. When leather  jacket manufacturers create their coats, there are scraps left over that would go to waste. Instead of wasting these scraps, they fit them together, run them through their sewing machines and transform them into lower grade leather jackets. These coats typically cost less and likely contain a variety of leather grades. For this reason, it’s best to look for a genuine leather coat made from one continuous sheet of leather for the best results.

Understanding the Grades

Real leather is graded to provide buyers with an easy way to determine the quality of the leather found in the coat. The best leather jackets will be made from Grade 1 leather. This grade consists of clear, supple leather with a consistent color and smooth feel. Grade 2 leather is less consistent in color and has minor imperfections in the surface so it doesn’t feel as smooth. Finally, grade 3 leather may be blotchy with many imperfections and may feel stiff due to the substances used to hide the imperfections. This makes being able to see and touch a leather coat in person critical before you make a purchasing decision. These grades are consistent regardless of which type of animal leather you choose.

Check the Color and Craftsmanship

As you look over the men’s or women’s leather jacket you are considering, look it over carefully. While natural leather will likely have some markings on it, the overall color should be consistent throughout the piece. If it looks as if multiple pieces of leather are pieced together or there are many imperfections, you aren’t getting a high-quality coat. In addition to checking over the color of the coats, a high-quality leather jacket will look like it’s well made. Look at the stitching and make sure it holds when gently tugged. Be sure to evaluate the stitching around any features, such as zippers and pockets, as well as the lining.

Smell the Coat

It may seem silly to smell a coat before you buy it, but the best leather jackets will tell you whether they are real leather just based on their smell. A genuine leather coat will smell like leather, not like any type of chemical. This smell is largely unmistakable so there’s no concern over mistaking it for anything else. If you are buying a dyed fur coat, it’s important to make sure you choose a leather coat that uses the right kind of dye. Azo dye is commonly used in leather, but it is toxic and can cause negative skin reactions in many people. If you aren’t sure, talk to your furrier about what type of dye is used in their coats.

Feel the Coat

The last step before you decide to buy a men’s or women’s leather jacket is to run your fingers over it. Your fingers are filled with nerve endings and can tell you a lot about the coat, even if you couldn’t see it. A quality leather jacket should feel smooth to the touch without imperfections. It should also feel soft, not stiff or dry. There should be no bumps present and it should bend easily. Any other behavior could be an indicator of poor quality.

Choosing the best leather jackets isn’t much different from finding a quality fur coat. A high-quality leather jacket can’t often be found at your typical department store, but if you take the time, you will be able to find a beautiful leather jacket that complements the rest of your wardrobe. A genuine leather coat is a beautiful addition, but it’s important to make sure you choose the highest quality so it lasts longer. Don’t just look at the price of leather coats from Morris Kaye in Dallas and San Antonio; look at the quality of the leather used.

If you’re looking for the best leather jackets, contact us. We specialize in fur coats, as well as leather jackets, so you can find the perfect option to suit your sense of style.

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Your Real Fur Coat Can Be Handed Down: Take These Steps to Avoid Damaging Your Investment

Use quality care to keep your real fur coat looking great.

A real fur coat can last for generations with quality care.

You spend a lot of money on a real fur coat, making it even more important to learn how to take care of real fur to protect that investment. With the right level of care, your fur coat can last a long time, often allowing you to pass it down through the generations. Women’s fur coats are especially valuable as a family heirloom. These tips will help you protect your investment so you can spend your time thinking about who will inherit your fur coat once you are gone.

Avoid Chemicals

It may seem obvious chemicals can damage your real fur coat, but when you consider the many ways it could be exposed to chemicals, you may think again. For instance, many women love to wear perfume. Have you ever considered what goes into making perfume and what type of damage it could cause to your coat? If you must wear perfume, spray it on well before you put your fur coat on. Hairspray and lotions can also cause similar damage to your coat. Cosmetics are another common cause of damage to your fur coat. Minimizing your coat’s exposure to these elements will help protect it so it lasts as long as possible.

Watch How You Sit

Not sitting while you wear your fur coat may be preferable, but it isn’t always possible. Unfortunately, sitting with women’s fur coats on can cause excess wear and tear on pressure points, as well as stress on the seams. if you can, take your fur coat off before you sit. However, if you are in a situation where you must sit, open at least the lower couple of buttons to remove the stress from the seams.

Watch the Accessories

Women love to accessories, but when you’re wearing fur coats, it’s important to exercise caution. Instead of using a handbag with a long strap that goes over your shoulder, select a small hand clutch. When the purse strap rubs on your fur coat shoulder, it will cause unusual wear and tear on that area of the coat. You should also be cautious about the jewelry you wear. Gems and clasps can become ensnared in the furs and cause serious damage when you pull it.

Store It Properly

Do you really know how to store a fur coat? Many people mistakenly think they can keep their real fur coat stored safely in their home at all times, but this isn’t the case. Keeping your fur coat in an uncrowded closet on a wide, padded hanger will help keep it safe during the winter months when you will wear the coat on a regular basis. However, when the summer months roll around, professional storage is essential.  They will keep your coat in a secure, environment-controlled location to keep it safe. Fur coats require specific temperatures and humidity levels that are difficult to achieve in your home.

Get Professional Cleaning

Men’s and women’s fur coats can’t be cleaned through traditional methods. You need professional fur coat cleaning in Dallas. Professional furriers use specific processes designed to gently clean the coat and remove debris without harming the delicate balance of natural oils needed to keep fur coats in excellent condition. This cleaning can coincide with your fur storage so you aren’t without your coat when you need it.

Dry with Care

When you’re wearing your real fur coat out and about during the winter, it will undoubtedly get wet at some point. When you bring your coat home, make sure you set it out to dry before you put it away in the closet. Drying your fur coat isn’t without challenges, though. Never use a blow dryer or other heat source to dry your coat, including putting your coat in direct sunlight. Instead, hang your coat up in an open space and allow it to dry slowly and naturally. If it is exceptionally wet, shake it out to remove any excess water.

Learning how to take care of real fur is a necessity if you own a real fur coat. Men’s and women’s fur coats make an excellent choice if you want to keep warm during the winter months, regardless of how cold it is outside. In addition, when you take great care of your coat, you will be able to pass it down to your children and grandchildren.

If you’re looking for a place for fur storage and professional fur coat cleaning in Dallas, contact us. We can provide all the services you need to keep your fur coat in excellent condition.

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