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2017 Trend: Shearling Coats

Morris Kaye calgon lambShearling coats have long been a popular choice for winter fashion—and for obvious reasons! There’s nothing warmer than the soft wool of a Calgon lamb. By lining a coat with this particular fabric, you’re guaranteed to spend the winter and early spring weather feeling cozy and looking cool. We’re excited to see this coat gain the recognition it deserves this year. To celebrate, this blog article will explore how to incorporate this amazing clothing item into your wardrobe.

How to Select Your Shearling Coat

When it comes to buying any number of real fur coats in Dallas, there are multiple factors to keep in mind. This holds especially true for shearling coats, which are normally designed to be long lasting. Here’s what you should look for in any high quality Calgon lamb coat:

  • Location of origin. Shearling coats are produced in a variety of places. While many are crafted straight in the United States, you can easily find others on the market from the likes of China and Uruguay. While most people don’t pay much attention to where their coat was produced, it can easily affect the price tag. Domestic sheepskin coats tend to be more expensive than foreign-produced coats.

  • The ratio between weight and warmth. Generally, the lighter the coat, the heftier the price tag will be. Of course, price shouldn’t be the only thing you look for. You must also consider your own needs. Do you want a lightweight coat or something sturdier and thicker?

  • Style is one of the most important elements of picking any types of fur coats! When it comes to sheepskin coats, you not only want to consider its color, but the fit as well. Your options will generally range between fitted and rugged.

  • Softness. Ideally, you’ll want a coat with the softest wool possible. The higher quality the coat, the softer the wool will be. Never settle for a coat with rough, scratchy wool inside. It may look beautiful, but in this day and age, no one should sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion.

How to Wear Your Shearling Coat

Now that you’ve obtained your fabulous shearling coat, it’s time to learn how to coordinate with it! According to the experts, one of the first and best elements to consider is texture. Aesthetics ranks second. You want to look stylish in your coat, not like you’re running errands for the farm (unless you do work on a farm, which is completely fine).

Sunglasses are a popular accompaniment with shearling coats, but the type must be chosen carefully. The best model of sunglasses will be something sleek and modern. Pay attention to footwear and pants as well. Thick, dark jeans run the risk of looking too rugged. In terms of footwear, loafers are a unique, modern and posh choice.

Of course, sheepskin coats are just one of many types of fur coats worth adding to your wardrobe. To learn more about fur fashion and your various options, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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