how to take care of real furWhen you own a fur coat, you should wear it as much as you can. Not only does it provide warmth in the winter, but it can also be stylish enough to wear year-round. The more you wear it, though, the more you have to know how to take care of real fur so it looks great for years to come. The amount of effort required to care for your fur isn’t much, but you do have to be conscious about it more than your average jacket. Here are five tips on how to take care of real fur.

Repair Tears or Rips Immediately

Tears or rips will happen occasionally. The main thing to remember is to get them looked at and repaired right away so the damage does not become more extensive. Never try to fix these problems on your own, since fur repair requires a professional to ensure it’s fixed properly. Always examine your fur before and after wearing it to make sure no damage is present.

Avoid Using Shoulder Straps When Wearing Fur

You may have to condition your fur coat more often if you have a habit of using shoulder straps to carry bags or purses. The best habit to get into is to hold these items in your hands instead of over your shoulder when wearing your fur. The friction against the fur can cause the hair to fall out and create unattractive bald spots.

Ensure Proper Ventilation When Storing

The best tip for real fur storage is to give it room to breath in your closet. Always allow for at least a couple of inches on either side of the fur when hanging it and never store it in a climate that’s humid. Fur needs to be stored in cool and dry environments with no direct sunlight to remain looking great when it’s not being worn.

Have Fur Cleaned Professionally After Each Season

You may need to condition your fur coat after each season to maintain its durability and elegant appearance. When you know you won’t be wearing your fur for several weeks or months, get it cleaned professionally before putting it away in storage. This way you’ll know the fur is being stored in the best condition possible and will be ready to go the next time you wear it.

Consider Long-Term Professional Storage

Once the cold seasons end and you won’t be wearing your fur for a while, consider long-term professional real fur storage. These storage facilities are climate controlled and every piece of fur gets the proper amount of attention it needs. Most of the time closets inside of homes don’t offer the optimal conditions for real fur storage, so professional storage is usually worth the investment.

At Morris Kaye & Sons, we want your fur investment to last a lifetime. Our experts know everything imaginable about fur care and we want to pass along our knowledge to you. When you trust us with your real fur storage needs, we guarantee your fur will look just as good or better than it did when you brought it to us. Taking good care of your fur is well worth the time and energy, so contact us to see how we can make it easier for you.