your fur coat is an investmentEveryone wants to find a good bargain on any given item, but some things may not necessarily be worth it. When it comes to vintage fur coats, shopping at a resale store or antique market may yield better deals, but chances are the quality isn’t going to be what you would expect. Of course, some vintage fur coats can be modified to ensure the quality is acceptable. Knowing what to look for when buying fur is essential to protect your investment. Here are five things you may not have known, but need to be aware of.

The Leather In Fur Coats Can Dry Rot

It’s easy to see if the leather in any given fur has dry rot. Leather is naturally elastic, so when you gently stretch it and don’t feel much elasticity, chances are it’s dried out and doesn’t have much longer before it has to be retired. Of course, this should never be the case when you buy vintage fur coats from a reputable business, but it’s always a good practice to test the leather since your fur coat is an investment to you.

Don’t Buy The Fur If It Feels Brittle

Fur should feel soft to the touch throughout. Sometimes the fur or leather in the coat may feel brittle, which is a sign it is dried out or is in the beginning stages of drying out. You’ll have more problems with the fur than anything else if you decide to take a chance on buying it in this condition.

Discoloration Isn’t Always Bad

Sometimes vintage fur coats will develop a yellow discoloration on them. While the discoloration may not be attractive, it doesn’t necessarily mean the fur is old and rotten. Furs can develop slight discoloration if they’ve been exposed to the sun for an extended amount of time, which is why stores constantly rotate furs throughout the store and keep them away from windows as much as possible.

Inspect The Fur Coat For Holes or Rips

Brand new vintage fur coats shouldn’t have any holes or rips in them, but anything is possible. Since your fur coat is an investment, you owe it to yourself to inspect the fur inside and out to find even the slightest bit of damage. Holes could be caused by bugs, so you don’t want to bring them home with you.

Shedding Can Mean Moths Are Present

Some types of fur will naturally shed just because the hair is more delicate. However, if it appears the fur is shedding excessively, it could be a sign moths are present. Moths are relentless and can find their way into a fur coat easily, so make sure the fur doesn’t shed much when you run your fingers through it.

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