men's fur coatsWhen it comes to the discussion of fur fashion, feminine styles tend to get far more attention than masculine ones. However, the truth of the matter is men wear fur, too. That’s why this blog is dedicated to all male fur enthusiasts out there! In this article, you’ll find a few tips on how to wear real fur in a more masculine way—just in time for the fall season. Because the weather is starting to cool, we’ll focus predominantly on men’s fur coats and jackets.

Coats With Fur Trim

Fur-trimmed coats are a great option for those who are just beginning to get into fur fashion, or simply want a more subtle piece for their wardrobes. One of the best features of fur-trimmed coats and jackets is their sheer warmth. Fur lining has long been a staple of winter wear for this reason—as well as the fact that it looks great! Best of all, it’s very easy to incorporate into a wide array of ensembles.

Choosing a Color

It’s important to keep one factor in mind as you shop around and delve into learning how to wear real fur. That factor is color. Fur fashion can easily become quite vibrant, as dyeing has long been a popular trend within the industry. However, if you do choose to invest in a brightly-colored fur coat or jacket, you’ll want to be sure you have other pieces in your wardrobe that can coordinate well with it. We think neutral and monochromatic shades are always a good choice for anyone’s wardrobe, as they’re the easiest colors to coordinate with. Ultimately, your choice of fur colors is all up to you and your tastes.

All About Length

Men’s fur coats tend to come in as wide an array of lengths as they do colors. You may be tempted to pick out a long, grandiose-looking coat, but let us warn you: long fur coats can look overwhelming on certain frames. If you believe you can rock a long fur coat, go right ahead! However, it may help to also look for something shorter and slimmer; these types of coats can more easily complement any body type.

How to Accessorize

One of the most common concerns for any fur enthusiast is what other wardrobe pieces go best with fur. When it comes to fur styling in Dallas and San Antonio (as well as anywhere else in the world), formal looks tend to work best with fur fashion. Pick a nice pair of slacks or pants to wear with your fur, rather than denim jeans. Complement your fur with a fresh button-up shirt. Now is the time to look your best, so your fur can truly stand out!

We hope this brief guide will serve as an eye-opener for you on how to best wear men’s fur coats or similar fur accessories. At Morris Kaye Furs, we’re dedicated to helping all of our clients look their absolute best in their apparel. Contact us to learn more about our services as well as sample our inventory.