Morris Kaye professional fur coat cleaningThere’s a lot you’ll need to know once you take on fur coat ownership, especially when it comes to how to take care of real fur. While certainly gorgeous, these decadent pieces of fur apparel are also quite high maintenance! It will be on you to learn how to care for them in all the necessary ways. The good news is you aren’t alone! We’re here to provide you with all the important tips you’ll need to take excellent care of your fur.

In this article, we’ll go over one of the most significant parts of caring for your fur coat: cleaning it! Read on to learn all about this aspect of fur coat maintenance.

How to Really Get the Job Done

The first thing you may be wondering is just how to go about getting your fur coat clean! We want to warn you to avoid trying to clean your fur coat on your own. It is a delicate garment, after all, and requires a very specific procedure to keep it in good, wearable condition. The task of cleaning your fur coat is best left to a professional fur coat cleaning service.

How does a professional fur coat cleaning compare to what you could do in your own washing machine? For starters, an expert will use all the right materials to clean your coat. The vast majority of fur coats must be submerged in a mixture of cleaning solution and sediment. These materials will help to rid your coat of the gunk that’s collected on it throughout the previous year. Afterwards, the professional will “glaze” your coat – a procedure meant to restore your fur’s natural gloss.

DIY Emergency Fixes

At Morris Kaye, we understand how quickly and easily accidents can happen! Even the most stellar of fur coat owners can run into a mishap that leaves their fur coat stained or smelly. What is there to do when this happens before or just after your fur coat’s annual cleaning? We have a few tips for easy things you can do to salvage your coat.

  • If your coat has gained an odor, the solution is to put it into (temporary) storage. Simply zip it up into your trusty vinyl bag, outfitted with coffee grounds tucked inside, and hang it in your closet. Your coat will be wearable again once you can no longer smell the odor. Be sure to give the coffee a daily stir!

  • If your fur coat has gotten soggy from rain or another liquid, you can hang it out to dry in a cool area of your home or – preferably – out on your balcony or porch. You can also give your coat a good shake to get rid of the excess water beforehand.

For further help with your fur cleaning needs, you can always turn to Morris Kaye Furs in Dallas and San Antonio. Our staff of experts is always on-hand and ready to help you by providing your fur with the best possible care. To learn more about what we do, reach out to us today!