real fur vestSometimes the hardest decisions you have to make when preparing for a night out on the town is what to wear. You don’t want to be too casual, yet you also don’t want to overdress. A great fashion tip to consider to take a casual night out to the next level is to incorporate fur. Whether you wear a real fur vest or other real fur accessories, your appearance will be classy and elegant without looking too formal. Here’s how you can incorporate fur during your next night out.

Add A Classy Fur Vest

If you’re headed out on a warm summer night, you probably won’t want to wear your fur coat. However, this is the perfect time to incorporate your real fur vest, since it allows airflow in to keep you cool. Fur vests are versatile enough to be acceptable attire for virtually any occasion, so it’s a great investment to have ready for the opportune moment.

Fur Collars Can Be Worn For Any Occasion

Any garment with a fur collar instantly gets more fashion points. These collars are naturally lightweight, so you won’t have to worry about getting too warm during the summer. They are designed for fashion purposes primarily and will upgrade any wardrobe you decide to wear on your next night out without going too over-the-top.

Fur Coats Are Great For Formal Events

Formal events call for more than just real fur accessories. These events are when you need to bring out your full fur coat to impress. Of course, something to consider is what the temperature is going to be at the event or venue. Your real fur coat offers the ultimate style as well as the ultimate warmth. You don’t want to sacrifice your comfort for fashion, so take the temperature into consideration.

Any Fur Accessories Will Fit In

You can incorporate real fur accessories creatively to fit in to virtually any occasion. Fur keychains, fur purses, fur-trimmed shoes or anything else will immediately give your average attire a boost in style. Everyone has their own tastes and knows what’s appropriate to wear for any given event, but one thing for sure is real fur accessories fits into them all.

Morris Kaye & Sons offers more fur accessories in Dallas than you likely know what to do with. We have everything imaginable so you can add the perfect piece of fur to your collection to fit any occasion and style. Whether you’re going out to impress or if you’re just hanging out with friends, fur should be a part of your style. Feel free to contact us at any time to explore our options and find the perfect fit for you.