mink fur coats

When it comes to real fur accessories, everyone has heard of a few big names out there. If you were to ask the majority of fur enthusiasts outthere about the biggest names they’ve heard of in terms of fur fashion, they’d likely rattle off brands or stores they’ve heard of in the past. Only a relatively small amount of people have heard of the IFF, also known as the International Fur Federation.

If you haven’t heard of the IFF, that’s perfectly okay! However, they are worth knowing about—at least on a basic level—simply due to the amount of pull they have within the fur fashion world. If you’re a fan of mink fur coats (and/or all things fur), keep reading this article to learn more about how the IFF influences the creation of the apparel you love!

So What Is the International Fur Federation?

You can basically think of the International Fur Federation as the governing body of all fur apparel. It is this organization’s job to create and enforce regulations that enhance the quality of the mink fur coats and other fur apparel you buy and wear today. All members of the IFF sign the “Code of Practice,” a document that secures the individual’s agreement to adhere to various fur-related ethics protocols.

While we call the IFF an organization, it is actually one large umbrella group for many smaller groups from all across the globe, all of which are equally invested in maintaining the production of the highest quality fur clothing. To be more precise, the IFF is composed of organizations scattered across 38 different countries. There are four distinct branches of the IFF: Fur Europe, IFF Americas, IFF Eurasia and IFF Asia.

How Does the IFF Help the Fur Industry Flourish?

There has been a bit of controversy in the past regarding the existence and actions of the IFF—particularly from animal rights’ activists. In the year 2017, the IFF clashed with PETA when the IFF asserted that real fur accessories are far more sustainable than faux fur. PETA replied, alleging that IFF and the fur industry did far more harm to the environment than the production of faux fur does. However, the IFF actively works to ensure the creation of any and all fur apparel does not cause lasting damage to the environment.

In addition to ensuring the real fur accessories consumers purchase is of the best possible quality, the IFF also seeks to make sure the fur industry uses the best and safest possible methods to harvest the furs it uses; that young businesses are able to grow and thrive within the industry; and that consumers alway have as much access to any information regarding the industry as possible.

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