Morris Kaye vintage fur coatsNow that the holidays are close at hand, you’re likely in the market for real fur accessories for someone you love or maybe even as a treat for yourself. However, buying a gorgeous and high quality piece of fur apparel can often be easier said than done, especially if you’re new to buying and wearing fur! How do you know where to look? How can you tell what’s a good quality piece of clothing and what’s better left on the rack? No matter who the fur clothing is for, you want to invest in the best quality product possible. Here are a few tips to get you started on how to spot the best real fur accessories on today’s market.

Where Does Your Fur Come From?

Where your fur was made plays a huge part in determining whether it’s of good quality or not. The fur industry is built in such a way that the majority of good furriers obtain the pelts for their apparel from one of five certified auction houses. These auction houses check over their pelts for quality before selling them to manufacturers. The top-tier auction houses in the fur industry are SOJUZPUSHNINA (St. Petersburg), NAFA (Canada), ALC (United States), Kopenhagen Fur (Europe) and SAGA (Finland).

If you’re really invested in obtaining the best quality furs, the best step to take is to…

Check the Labels

Almost all vintage fur coats you’ll find on today’s markets come with several tags attached, which will tell you a lot about their quality. There are three main tags to keep an eye out for:

  • Where the coat was made is a major factor in determining whether it’s well-produced. The best fur coats tend to come from Italy, the United States, Denmark, Greece and Canada.

  • Where the pelts come from ultimately determines the quality of the fur itself. The fur industry has set up a certification system to ensure the production of fur apparel with the best grade of pelts. Again, look for certification labels marked with SOJUZPUSHNINA, NAFA, ALC, Kopenhagen Fur or SAGA.

  • The coat’s brand is the last thing to check for; however, you can easily find high-quality furs with no brand attached at all. You may want to conduct a bit of research on the best furrier brands on today’s market.

If you can’t locate the coat’s labels or have any questions about its quality, don’t hesitate to reach out to a store’s staff member to ask for more information.

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