Morris Kaye fur coat restylingAs much as you love your fur coat, you may come to a point where change needs to happen – and that’s understandable! Everyone gets tired of the same-old, same-old, whether it’s in the meals they eat, the media they consume or even the fabulous fur coats they adorn their bodies with. At Morris Kaye, we care about helping you look and feel great in your fur apparel, no matter how you choose to wear it. That’s why we’ve taken the time to write this guide on fur coat restyling! Remember: your fur coat is an investment. Even if you want to switch up its look, you should do so in the best and safest way possible. Let us offer you a few tips on the best way to go about restyling your fur coat.

Make Sure Your Coat Is Ready For It

This first tip really only applies to vintage fur coats. If you know your coat is of the older variety, you’ll want to be sure it can withstand the restyling process. Check the condition of your fur coat first and foremost. If your coat is falling apart at the seams, is dried out or simply isn’t in wearable condition, you don’t want to put it through the added stress of fur coat restyling. Instead, it would be wiser to invest in a brand new piece of fur apparel. However, if your old fur coat makes the grade, go ahead and proceed with the rest of our guide’s suggestions!

Get in Touch With a Professional

While you can certainly carry out restyling your fur coat on your own, provided that you have the skills for it, we recommend turning to a professional for the heavy duty tasks. This will ensure your coat receives the proper care as it’s shaped into a brand new garment for your wardrobe. You don’t want to risk making a costly mistake with your valuable coat and ruin its remains – unless you yourself are a professional furrier/tailor. There are all sorts of professional services out there that are capable of handling your fur restyling needs. Before you choose one, be sure to do a bit of research on local services and find out about their methods, damage policies and other resources.

Don’t Waste a Single Scrap

When you’re a fur enthusiast, you know just how valuable the standard fur coat is. Once you have yours restyled, you don’t want to throw a single piece! The remains can easily be remade into another piece to add to your wardrobe, such as a bag, a hat or anything else you can think of! Simply talk with your service of choice to see what can be done with what’s left of your coat, as well as any potential extra costs.

If you’re in the Dallas or San Antonio areas and are looking to get your fur coat restyled in the near future, look no further than Morris Kaye & Sons! We’re the leading resource for any and all fur-related services in the metroplex and beyond. Get in touch with us to learn what we can do for you.