Morris Kaye how much is my fur coat worthIf you’re as enamored with fur fashion as we are, you know that vintage fur coats span a wide price range, and can easily cost quite the pretty penny! We’ve all had that experience of plucking a beautiful piece of clothing from the racks, only to take one glimpse at the price tag and immediately put what we’ve grabbed back where it came from. However, there are several coats that are even more expensive than what you’ll find on the rack or in fashion shows. In this blog article, we’ll go over some of the most expensive fur coats that are available on today’s market, and what about them influences their hefty pricing.

In the Case of Karl Lagerfeld

The officially recognized, most expensive fur coat to be produced made its debut in the year 2015, at the hands of designer Karl Lagerfeld. While Lagerfeld is most famous for his various contributions to the Fendi brand, this particular coat is yet another ray of light within his illustrious career.

The coat itself is made from pure sable fur. Sables themselves are small mammals that are part of the marten family; they can be found across the Eurasian and East Asian regions, and are most easily recognized by their deep black pelts. These animals have long been popular within the fur world, so much so that they’re widely raised domestically within the fur trade.

Lagerfeld’s noteworthy coat is nothing like the average sable coat, however. The coat’s fur has been specially treated with real silver. When asked why he chose this unique crafting method, Lagerfeld explained it was to make up for his lowered production of fur designs, itself brought on by the ever-shifting standards of fur business practices. This final touch to the coat elevates its asking price to a whopping 1,000,000 euros (or 1,155,550 USD)!

The Runner Ups

While they aren’t quite as expensive as Lagerfeld’s coat, you can easily find quite a few pricy (but very high quality!) coats in the average market. Take, for instance…

  • Your average mink fur coat which, like the sable, is incredibly popular among fur fashion enthusiasts. You’ve likely seen several mink coats during your shopping trips and daily life, if you don’t already own one yourself. The price of a mink fur coat tends to vary based on the sex of the minks it was made from. Coats made from female minks are considerably more sought after due to their higher quality, and their price shows; you can typically find one priced between $1K and $50K.

  • Chinchilla garments also tend to be fairly pricy, and can easily cost the most on the market. Specifically, a chinchilla coat can cost between $30K and $100K, on average. Much like the other fur materials we’ve mentioned in this article, chinchilla is both extremely popular and extremely high quality, lending to their high price.

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