Morris Kaye fur coat appraisal in DallasWhether by chance or any other circumstance, you are now the owner of a fur coat. There’s just one problem: fur isn’t your thing! What can you do in a situation like this? There’s no point in letting a perfectly good piece of apparel simply waste away, hidden in your closets. If you’re in the situation, the absolute best thing to do is to sell it. Vintage fur coats are still extremely popular; there will always be someone willing to buy one from you if you don’t want it in your possession. It’s worth noting, however, that there’s a certain way to go about selling off fur apparel. The majority of authentic fur coats are not only sought after, but could prove quite valuable. Don’t risk shortchanging yourself! To help you make the most of selling your vintage fur coats, here are some tips.

Research Your Fur.

Before you even begin to list your fur apparel online or take it in for consignment, you must first learn as much about it as you can—namely, look into what shape the fur is in, as well as the animal it could have come from. The latter fact is more important than you may think; some types of fur have been outlawed in the United States (or whichever country you may reside in) and cannot be sold.

As far as the coat’s condition, you naturally cannot sell vintage fur coats that are falling apart! Here are a few things to look for as you gauge the health of your fur apparel:

  • The backing. The backing presents some of the first signs that a coat is on its last legs. If the backing is beginning to pull away from the fur, is dry and crackly or shows any other signs of wear, you probably shouldn’t put the coat on the market. These signs make it clear the coat is on its way out.

  • The odor. The ideal fur coat shouldn’t have any sort of odor. If upon taking a whiff of the coat, you catch traces of perfume or must, don’t bother proceeding further. A smelly coat is an improperly cared for coat, and an improperly cared for coat isn’t worth (or, at least, fair) to sell off.

  • The texture. Healthy fur coats are plush and smooth to the touch. A fur coat in ill condition will feel stiff and dry.

Head in for Appraising.

Once you’ve ascertained that your inherited coat is sellable and in good condition, you can ask that burning question: “How much is my fur coat worth?” To answer this question, you’ll want to look into appraisal services. The good news is it’s easy to find services for fur coat appraisal in Dallas! You’ll just want to be sure to do a bit of your own research as well—into the services themselves, as well as the ball park range of the coat in your possession.

Morris Kaye & Sons is here to help you, whether you’re selling your coat or buying a new one! Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you.