types of fur coatsFall has well and truly arrived, and with it comes temperature drops and chilly breezes. This means you’ll want apparel that is just as functional and warm as it is stylish. However, the weather is still a bit too warm to break out most types of fur coats—especially those made of mink and similar materials. So what are your options? Generally, you can either stick with lightweight pieces of fur apparel, such as vests and scarves, or you can go with another option.

That option is a shearling coat. In this article, we’ll tell you all about shearling coats and why they may be a great choice as the next addition to your wardrobe.

They’re More “Ethical”

One of the most appealing aspects of shearling coats, especially in comparison to other types of fur coats, is that they more easily appeal to the ethically-conscious crowd. By that we mean those who are interested in wearing fur apparel but are a bit worried about the potential harm it brings to animals. Most shearling coats are made from calgon lamb and sheep, who are sheared on a regular basis. This is a nonviolent process that actually protects the sheep’s health, as an excess amount of fur can slow them down and generate too much heat for them to handle. This also means you can sport a shearling coat completely guilt-free!

They Look Great

Shearling coats are well known for looking amazing, no matter your size, shape, skin tone or gender. They’re one of the most versatile types of cold weather accessories out there! You can easily find them in all types of styles, from form-fitting to trimmed to anything else you can think of. In addition, you can wear them in a wide array of climates and still feel comfortable. This makes them perfect for those spurts of erratic Texas weather or even trips out of state and into areas with the most bitter winter season. These reasons are why coats made from calgon lamb are the most commonly recommended gear for spring, fall and winter.

They’re Incredibly Sturdy

One of the biggest reasons calgon lamb coats are such a hit is simple: they’re made to last! How does this work exactly? For starters, shearling coats are waterproof. Wool is naturally, perfectly capable of absorbing quite a bit of water—up to 30 percent of its natural weight, in fact. This means it can hold up very well in the face of sudden, unexpected rain, something you’d have to be very careful about with other types of fur coats. They are also known for having a long lifespan. Shearling coats can easily last for tens of years as long as they are taken care of well.

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