your fur coat is an investmentWe know some of you may have raised an eyebrow at the title of this blog. “Natural oils?”.  Maybe you thought. “But most fur coats already have their own natural oils, don’t they? How could they be harmful?”

We completely understand where you’re coming from, which is why we feel the need to clarify: the types of natural oils that can harm your fur don’t come from the coat itself. Rather, these oils come from you. They’re the oils that come from your skin, from your hair and from the various self care products you apply on a regular basis. As we always say, your fur coat is an investment. Knowing how even the most seemingly harmless products can affect the well being of your fur is the first step to protecting your investment and ensuring it lasts. Below you’ll find a little more information on how the oils you wear and produce can cause harm to your fur apparel, but also how to take care of real fur when wearing them.

Hair Oil

The good news about hair oil is that it isn’t quite as bad for the overall health of your fur apparel as other types of oils are. Its main drawback is its potential to discolor your fur over time. Luckily, this is easily preventable. You just need to make sure to wash your hair on a regular basis, whatever that may be for your hair type and texture. If you must use moisturizing products to keep your hair healthy, try to stick to the lighter stuff, such as creams and sprays. Do not apply these products while wearing your fur. Additionally, try to limit the amount of heat treatment you use on your hair, as this can encourage your scalp to produce more oils, in addition to increasing the risk of heat damage!

It may also help to wear your hair in updos—ponytails and buns, for instance—on those days when you want to wear your fur. This will limit the amount of contact between the fur and your hair.

Skin Oil & Products

Most people have some sort of skin routine that involves all sorts of oil-based products. We certainly won’t tell you to stop using these products entirely. After all, your skincare and self care routines are important! However, knowing how to protect your fur from these potentially harmful products is just as significant when it comes to how to take care of real fur.

Your fur will naturally absorb these oils upon contact with your skin. This can lead to odors and discoloration, both of which are tough to remove, especially if the oils in question come from edible sources, such as olives. To combat this, you may want to either wait several hours for the products to absorb into your skin before putting your coat on, or switch to products made from water rather than oil.

Should you notice your fur already beginning to show signs of oil-based damage, look for professional services for cleaning and fur conditioning in Dallas and San Antonio. You can always contact us for assistance regarding your fur care needs.