fur styling in dallasSpring is here in full bloom, which is great news for us fashion-forward folks! Now is the time to rejuvenate your wardrobe to match the mood of the season. Where could be a better place to start sprucing up your wardrobe than by treating yourself to a few new real fur accessories?

Of course, you may not want to buy the first thing that catches your eye! Sometimes it’s better to wait until the newest and hottest trends hit the scene, so you can ensure you look as stunning as possible throughout the season. We understand, and we’re here to end the wait. Here you’ll be able to find information on some of the best fashion trends to hit the runways this season, as well as how you can incorporate real fur accessories into your look.

Make a Statement With Your Fur

One of the best ways to wear real fur accessories is to use them as accent pieces. Doing this can really make your outfit pop, drawing the eyes of everyone around you! To do this, you should start off by putting together a simple outfit. It could be your favorite casual dress and a pair of heels or chic boots, or even a basic top and a skirt or pants—preferably all in the same color.

To complete the outfit, throw on a real fur coat in a color that is much different from the rest of your outfit. For instance, if your skirt and top are black, wear a boldly colored fur coat. Jewel tones, neons, and pastels all work wonderfully for this kind of look, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

Accent With a Fur Handbag

When it comes to wearing real fur accessories, you don’t always have to stick with coats, jackets and scarves. Fur handbags are just as gorgeous as other types of fur apparel, and have the added bonus of being able to help you carry your things while looking absolutely stylish in the process.

We recommend coordinating a colored fur purse with the rest of your outfit. In other words, if you’re wearing an ensemble featuring monochromes and a splash of light green, try to pair a fur bag in the same shade of green. Wearing fur apparel in this way is guaranteed to be as creative as it is visually appealing!

Fur of Many Colors

Fur coats made of multiple colored pelts have become quite popular as of recent years. As such, they make an excellent choice for outfits and are quite easy to pull off. To make the most of this type of accessory, we recommend taking a similar approach as described in our first step: wear a monochrome outfit and use your multicolored coat as a statement piece. You can find multicolored fur coats in a wide variety of color options, making it easy to find something that appeals to you and will fit well into your wardrobe.

There are all sorts of ways to pull off excellent fur styling in Dallas. If any of these ideas appeal to you, or if you’re interested in gathering a few more ideas for excellent fur ensembles, know the Morris Kaye team is here to help! Contact us to sample our inventory and learn more about how we can help you look stunning this spring.