real fur coatIf you’ve just begun exploring the world of furs with the hope of buying a real fur coat, you’ve likely noticed there are numerous types and styles to choose from. While there are plenty of trendy options you could pick, you can never go wrong with a timeless classic style. Many people like to learn how to wear real fur by choosing a basic style first and then incorporating other pieces as they understand what they like most. These classic fur styles are good places to begin.

Full-Length Furs

A full-length fur is timeless, elegant and worn by people around the world. You may have seen full-length furs on television as celebrities wear them often walking down the red carpet. They flow all the way down to the ankles and you can wear anything from elegant evening wear or even your comfortable clothes underneath it. A full-length real fur coat is typically worn to formal events, but you can decide whether it’s worth wearing to your upcoming event.

Shorter Fur Coats Offer Versatility

One thing you’ll notice when shopping for fur coats is they are available in various lengths. Some of them go down to the thighs, others go lower to just above the knees and some even cover the calves. Think about how you’ll be wearing your real fur coat and choose the one that would be most versatile. For example, if you’re frequently traveling or attending formal events, consider a shorter one so it can be worn throughout the year. Better yet, it may be valuable to invest in a couple of different lengths so you have the perfect fit no matter the occasion.

Turn Your Real Fur Coat Into A Classic Accessory

When you’re learning how to wear real fur, the opportunities to incorporate accessories are virtually endless. You can purchase accessories on their own, or you could consider fur styling in Dallas to transform an old fur coat into a timeless accessory. Think about how a fur scarf, hat, purse, keychain, gloves or any other accessories would look with your outfit. Mixing and matching accessories with your real fur coat can create a unique appearance, while still keeping the classic style intact.

Morris Kaye & Sons has an extensive collection of fur coats, vests, jackets and more accessories than you can think of. You can never go wrong with choosing a classic style and our experts can help you find the perfect fit. And if you have an old real fur coat lying around, ask about our fur restyling options if you still want to keep the fur, but, transform it into something else you will use more often. We are always here to help, so contact us at any time for assistance.