how to take care of real furSeptember has officially arrived, and while Texas summer is still underway, it will soon be hitting its home stretch. That means fall is just around the corner and, best of all, it won’t be long until you can pull your real fur accessories out of storage and actually wear them again. We’re sure you’re just as excited as we are to incorporate fur back into your wardrobe; however, there is one important task you may want to complete before you start strutting your fur around town.

Getting your fur cleaned is one of the most important tasks to undertake after pulling it from storage, for numerous reasons. While professionals are usually the best possible option for cleaning your fur, we understand not everyone has the resources within their budget to seek out cleaning services on top of professional storage. Here are a few tips on how to accomplish cleaning real fur accessories on your own.

Test Your Fur

Before you clean your fur, you should first make sure it’s in good enough condition to survive the cleaning process in the first place. This is just one important step of many in regards to how to take care of real fur. To test your fur, apply a bit of your product of choice to a tiny section of the garment in question. If the garment seems to bleach out or otherwise discolors, stop cleaning and seek out expert services sooner rather than later.

Give It a Spot Treatment

If your fur apparel passes the initial test, you can now freely proceed with a spot cleaning procedure. “Spot cleaning” is best defined as only focusing on particular areas when cleaning a piece of clothing, rather than cleaning the entire fabric all at once via washing machine or anything similar. Make sure to dampen the dirtied area, then apply your cleaning product of choice until the stain has vanished. Repeat until the fur apparel is cleaned to your liking.

Let It Dry, Then Condition

The best way to dry real fur accessories is through the steaming method. This will get rid of any remaining germs and odors, as well as wrinkling. Once your apparel has fully dried, you can proceed with wearing it or keeping it in your wardrobe until you’re ready to wear it. The ideal storage condition is in an area with little to no light and at a temperature no warmer than 55°F (or 13°C). Be sure to cover your fur with a garment bag for added protection.

We hope these tips will help you to properly and thoroughly clean your real fur accessories to the best of your ability. It is worth noting, however, that cleaning your fur on your own should ideally be a last-resort method. Your safest possible bet for taking great care of your fur is by hiring a service professional fur coat cleaning in Dallas and San Antonio. Contact us to learn more about the advantages of professional fur coat cleaning and much more.