Red Fur Coats
You can change a fur coat with professional dying.

Sometimes you purchase or inherit fur coats that don’t really fit you as they should. Some people don’t think it is worth the time or effort to have the fur altered. Others think altering the fur can harm the value. However, it is important to realize altering your fur won’t affect its value as long as it is done by a reputable furrier. There are many alterations that can be done to a fur coat, from a simple hemming to a full restyling.


If the fur coats don’t fall where they should, either lengthwise or at the end of your sleeves, it is important to see a professional furrier to hem the coat. Even if the fur coat is an appropriate length, but you want one that is shorter, the right furrier will be able to shorten your coat, making it work better for a greater variety of occasions.


Fur can sometimes be quite long. If you aren’t happy with the length of t he fur on the coat or it seems to be damaged, a reputable furrier can shear the fur, removing the longer fur and leaving you with what looks like a new coat. Shearing the coat can give you a whole new look that is a popular style in today’s fur coats.


Sometimes it’s the color of your fur coat that isn’t suitable for your style. When this is the case, a professional furrier can dye the fur for you, choosing an entirely different color for your fur coat. However, not all fur coats can be dyed, making it important to talk to your furrier about your desires before moving forward.


If the whole style fo the coat doesn’t fit your desires, you can have the furrier restyle your fur coat. Fur coat restyling can make any number of changes to the look of your furs, from the most minor changes to a complete overhaul. Talking to your furrier will allow you to determine what you would like in your coat and whether it is a possibility.

Whether you have tired of your fur coat or you have inherited one that doesn’t fit or isn’t your style, you have options for changing your coat without impacting its value. With the right furrier, you can have alterations made, including hemming, shearing, dying and restyling, to create a fur coat you will be proud to wear everywhere you go.