Morris Kaye real fur jacketSince the dawn of apparel, fashion lovers have searched and strived for new and interesting ways to wear their clothes. With fur undergoing a revival this decade, it’s undoubtedly been on the list of several fashionistas across the world and has starred in numerous unique combinations. One of the best and latest we’ve come across is fur and leather. These are two amazing, animal-based fashion pieces that are as versatile as they are trendy. In this blog, we’ll cover some of the hottest fur and leather combinations we’ve seen so far, as well as how you can make them part of your wardrobe!

Leather Skirt + Fur Collar

This particular method is perfect for busy work days and a great idea for those just learning how to wear real fur. To pull off this look, all you need is a top of your choice, a leather skirt of any length and a short fur collar. While you could easily go with just about any color combination for this outfit, we suggest sticking primarily to neutral hues. The leather skirt will add plenty of character and elegance to your ensemble, while the fur collar adds just the right touch of subtle uniqueness. Combining textures has long been a highly suggested styling method in the fashion world. If you’re looking for new ways to get in on this trend, this suggestion may be worth a try!

Leather, Velvet and Fur

This idea may, at first, seem a bit like overkill. How could you possibly combine all three of these textures without looking over the top? Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and our suggestion may be the perfect way for you! The key is moderation. Pair any top or blouse you like with leather bottoms, be it a skirt, leggings or anything else. You can layer a fur vest or real fur jacket over your top, and work in the velvet as another part of your ensemble. Velvet is gaining increasing popularity as a texture for footwear and bags, so you could incorporate it through one of these means. Regardless of how you mix and match these textures, it’s sure to create one brilliant style!


Some designers have taken the bold route by combining fur and leather into one piece of apparel, such as a jacket. While this particular style may be a bit on the risky side, the worst risks are those we never take! You can wear a fur and leather jacket just as you would a jacket made only of one of those materials. Mix and match as much as you like! If you decide to buy a jacket like this, however, be sure to invest in some high quality professional fur coat cleaning to keep it looking topnotch.

If you’re looking for new and unique ways to wear fur apparel, or to learn how to wear real fur to begin with, Morris Kaye & Sons is the number one resource to turn to. We are not only equipped with plenty of tips on fur fashion and care, but we also have a full stock of high quality fur apparel to keep you looking good. Be sure to contact us to sample our inventory and learn more about our services.