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Cowgirl Fashion and Fur

Morris Kaye fur restylingWhen most people hear the word “cowgirl,” they often picture the typical boots (with or without spurs), lots of denim, flannel and ten-gallon hats. However, cowgirl fashion is far more than that! It’s also a great vehicle for fur. In this article, we’ll cover some of the best ways to add fur and real fur accessories to your cowgirl wardrobe—and utterly rock it down on the ranch!

Fur Jackets

Much like their non-furred counterparts, fur jackets are lighter versions of the standard fur coat. They’re also one of the most perfect real fur accessories for those early blustery mornings. Best of all, they can be paired quite easily with just about any other part of your wardrobe! Layer your fur jacket over your coziest sweater with a pair of jeans or, for dressier occasions, over a cute casual dress!

Ombre Fur

While ombre is usually reserved for hair dye, it has also made quite the splash in the textile world. You can find them in all manners of styles and colors, but the most popular form seems to be dark-to-light vests. This look is not only useful for chilly work days, but is also incredibly stylish! You may even find yourself reserving your ombre fur vest specifically for nights out on the town. If you want to look especially chic, consider wearing your vest in combination with your favorite dress and a sleek pair of boots. For days where you have to dress down, your vest may pair better with a top, jeans and sturdy shoes.

Regardless of how you wear them, we think ombre fur vests are a great way to get started in terms of how to wear real fur, and should blend well into even the fiercest cowgirl’s wardrobe!

Fur Trim

Some people prefer subtlety, while others want to transition slowly into fur rather than start off with a 100 percent fur item. Luckily, fur trim is an excellent alternative to going all out! You can find fur-trimmed clothing in a variety of colors and patterns, making it quite easy to find something that will fit with your existing wardrobe and tastes. Just be sure to keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple to allow the fur trimmed piece to shine.

Animal Print

Animal print is a bit controversial in itself, at least from a style perspective. It’s regarded by most fashion enthusiasts as either incredibly gaudy or wonderfully trendy. We think it can be pulled off well with the right know-how. Consider pairing your animal print fur with a simple outfit. This will help your fur to stand out and minimizes your chances of having it clash with the rest of your ensemble.

No matter your particular tastes, we at Morris Kaye & Sons believe there’s the perfect piece of fur clothing out there for everyone! That’s why we specialize in all things fur, from fur restyling to storage and more. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and sample our current inventory.

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