fur styling in dallasSometimes, when it comes to clothing and style, it seems like your options can be far too limited. There are only so many colors and cuts available on today’s market to choose from, so it’s perfectly understandable for even the most devoted fashionista to get bored from time to time. But where does that leave fur enthusiasts? Aren’t vintage fur coats even more limited than other types of clothing out there? The true answer to this question may surprise you!

While the choices out there for premade fur accessories may seem limited, you can easily commission and wear your very own piece of fur apparel that is completely unique and all your own. However, before you can do this, it’s important to consider exactly what you’d want to have made. Here are a few of the most popular styles of fur apparel to wear.


There’s a lot more to how to wear real fur than just vintage fur coats! Hats are a popular choice for almost any time of year, and are much easier to incorporate into outfits if you are new to wearing fur. Even if you’re a veteran to fur fashion, it never hurts to have a wide array of fur apparel at your disposal. One of the best things about fur hats is they come in a variety of options, from berets to the archetypal “coonskin” hat. You can even commission a custom-make ushanka or a trooper hat if you so desire. Another advantage to having a fur hat made is you can select exactly how much fur you want to be included in your hat. Some decide the entire hat should be made from fur, while others prefer it to just be lined with fur. Regardless of exactly what style you choose, your hat should still look and feel great to wear!


Fur scarves are another great choice for anyone interested in having a custom made piece of fur apparel. While you won’t necessarily get as much variety with fur scarves as you will with fur hats, you still have quite a few options as far as customization. You can easily pick between any length, as well as various colors and specific types of fur. For instance, you could have a long scarf with short, light-colored fur, or a short scarf with long, silky dark fur—or even something in between!


Fur vests are quite comparable to vintage fur coats; they just tend to be of a lighter weight and, of course, lack sleeves. This can make them appealing for casual wear or warmer weather. Naturally, this also means they possess the same customization potential as fur coats. Whether you’re after a specific color or type of fur, there’s no real limit as to what you can do to make a fur vest your own!

There’s far more to fur styling in Dallas and San Antonio than what we’ve covered in this blog alone. Contact us at Morris Kaye & Sons to learn more about all the various trends and styles available for fur apparel!