mink fur coatsIt’s no secret that there’s a lot of information floating around regarding real fur accessories. In all the time you’ve spent indulging in fur fashion, think about the sheer amount of websites and publications—some glowing, some scathing—that you have come across. Yet for all the talk regarding mink fur coats and all things related to them, doesn’t it seem like the same bits of information are repeated over and over? In reality, there is a myriad of information that doesn’t circulate quite as often, yet is just as important and true—if not more so—than what you typically see.

It’s always fun to learn something new about a favorite hobby. In this blog, we’ll share with you some of the least talked-about facts regarding real fur accessories, how they are made and the animals they are made from.

Fur Clothing Is a Time-Consuming Project

It may surprise you to learn the humans that create the real fur accessories so many of us enjoy have to sacrifice their time on some level. Fur apparel takes quite a bit of time and effort to make. According to research conducted at actual fur farming facilities, workers may take up to 40 hours—an entire work week—just to craft one coat. Other, more complicated pieces may take even longer. Compare this to many of the other clothes we enjoy today, as well as other products.

Mink Farming Has Become Valuable to Our Ecosystem

Some people believe that mink farming does nothing but harm the Earth by removing animals from their natural habitats, but this isn’t quite true! Minks aren’t simply stuffed into cages, never to be seen. They are able to contribute to the environment even at farming facilities. Their bodily waste, for instance, is typically converted into farming manure. They also typically dine on the food we no longer want to eat and end up throwing out, eliminating some of the harmful food waste we dump across the Earth.

Fur Was Just as Sought After During the “Gold Rush” Era as Gold Was

It wasn’t just miners and gold panners looking to hit it big in California! In the year 1848, there were just as many people looking to gain more success in the fur industry as well. Many professional trappers decided to settle in modern-day San Francisco, all for the sake of creating plush real fur accessories. In fact, they may have been more prominent than those who were looking for gold.

We hope these few facts have enlightened you or, at the very least, brought you a bit of further enjoyment toward fur apparel. At Morris Kaye & Sons, we are just as passionate about fur apparel as you, and we believe in constantly seeking out new information and new ways to wear real fur accessories. The next time you need to find fur accessories in Dallas and San Antonio, keep us in mind! Contact us to learn more about our services and inventory.