Create a modern look from vintage fur coats.
Vintage fur coats can be made to look more modern.

Because of the longevity of real fur coats in Dallas, it often becomes a question whether vintage fur coats really still have a place in today’s world. While the answer to this question often lies in personal preference and the desire to keep a real fur coat in its original condition, there are other options. Some individuals inherit a vintage fur coat or purchase one and decide they would like to make changes to help bring it to a more current style.

Shear It

If you don’t like the look of long fur on vintage fur coats, there is a solution without having to sell it and purchase a new coat with the money. Shearing is a process by which the furrier shaves down the longer guard hairs present on the fur pelts, leaving behind a much shorter, softer fur. This process creates a lighter, thinner coat, which may be preferred over the heavy bulk of traditional real fur coats.

Trim the Coat

Many vintage fur coats were designed with length and luxury in mind. If this isn’t your style, a good furrier can transform that long, elegant coat into a shorter jacket with a few cuts and some other adjustments. Be sure to talk to your furrier about the options and be prepared to show him what you would like from the coat. Depending on the type of fur and the style of the coat, the furrier may be limited in what can be done.

Create Some Accessories

Real fur accessories can be the perfect complement, both when you wear a real fur coat and when you wear one made from another material. If you are removing pelts from your vintage fur coat, you may be able to have some accessories made. This will help you recycle the fur and will ensure you don’t lose any of the precious value, especially if the coat was an heirloom.

Vintage fur coats are a great heirloom and some people really love their style. However, not everyone wants to wear these fur coats. Instead of allow them to go to waste, a good furrier can transform these real fur coats into something new so individuals can enjoy them for many years to come.

If you’re looking for a furrier to help you redesign real fur coats in Dallas, contact us. We offer the services you need to create the coat you’ve always wanted.