how to take care of real furIf you find a clothes moth in your closet, it’s time to take immediate action. These bugs aren’t harmful to humans at all, but they can cause serious damage to your nice furs. The good news is you can prevent them from coming into your closet pretty easily. Many people also opt for professional mink fur storage solutions to ensure their furs stay well protected. Here’s what you need to know about clothes moths, including the damage they can do and how to keep them away.

How To Know If You Have Clothes Moths

Most of the time the first sign of clothes moths is seeing some fur lying on the ground in your closet. Some shedding is normal for certain fur coats, but what you’re looking for is constant shedding and some of the hair falling in groups or clumps. At this point, you have a sure sign of clothes moths being present in your closet.

What To Do If You Find One

When you discover these signs in your closet, take out the individual fur immediately and try to find the bug. Take it outside and allow it to fly away if you are able to locate it. A good proactive measure is to remove all garments from your closet to ensure there are no more left. You can consider using fur storage in Dallas to protect your furs while you clean out the closet. Some people will fumigate the closet, while others will get on their hands and knees and clean every inch of the closet to ensure no more moths are present.

Be Proactive And Protect Your Furs

When learning about how to take care of real fur, you may have learned some proactive measures along the way. Some of the best ways to protect your fur from these clothes moths include:

  • Spraying lavender or cedarwood oil in and around the closet often
  • Placing a good-smelling natural repellant in the closet to keep them away, while ensuring your furs don’t smell bad
  • Spacing out the furs in the closet so the moths won’t be as comfortable
  • Shaking out the furs frequently
  • Opting for professional fur storage in Dallas

Choosing professional mink fur storage is usually the best bet when you won’t be wearing your furs for a while. It’s only a small investment for ensuring your furs are safe from these insects that can potentially ruin your fur investment.

Morris Kaye & Sons not only wants to help you find the best fur coat to fit your style, but we also want to ensure your furs stay protected and look great for years to come. We offer quality fur storage in Dallas and guarantee your fur will look the exact same as it did when you first trusted us to store it for you. To learn more about our storage options or to have any of your questions answered about how to protect your furs, contact us today.