fur restylingIt can be tough to figure out what to do with an older piece of fur. As much as you may love to wear it, parts of it may not be in good enough condition for you to flaunt it out and about. Most pieces of fur apparel don’t decay all at once. Instead, bits of it may dry out or harden as time goes by, while the rest of it remains in pretty good condition. When this happens, you may hesitate to throw out the entire thing—and for good reason! Why throw away an entire fur coat when you can salvage the parts that are still wearable?

This is the purpose of fur coat restyling, a type of recycling method for fur apparel that’s worth looking into for those old pieces of fur that aren’t quite as wearable as they used to be. Here are a few ways to approach fur restyling.

A Sleek (and Chic!) Bomber Jacket

Not all pieces of fur apparel feature their fur on the outside. Lining a piece of clothing with fur is just as stylish and can keep you incredibly warm! Such a piece of clothing can easily be made in the form of a bomber jacket, which has become a major trend as of recent years. The jacket itself can be made reversible, so if you want to show off your fur, you have that option. Generally, the restyling professional will attach the fur to your fabric of choice, using your old fur to create the lining and collar of the jacket.

Shear Away the Excess

Sometimes the most problematic areas of the fur rest on the surface—literally! Occasionally you may run into an issue where the top layer of your fur coat has dried out or gone crusty, but the layer underneath is perfectly healthy. If this is the case, you can turn to a professional furrier to shave off the top layer of fur and leave the bottom layer intact. This creates a lightweight piece that is just as comfortable, cozy and cool to wear. This is also one of the easiest and most affordable methods of fur restyling if you’re trying to save time and/or money.

Adjusting the Sizing

Sometimes the fur itself isn’t the problem, so much as the size. Fur coat owners can change over the years. Some may have gained weight and find their fur coat now feels a bit too snug. A fur coat may have found a new owner who, while they love the coat, feels like they’ve acquired a coat too loose and roomy. If this is the case for you, you can always turn to a qualified furrier who can either let the fur apparel out for a larger frame, or take in the seams to fit someone smaller.

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