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Don’t Wear the Same Fur Coat This Season; It’s Time for Fur Restyling and Renewing

Transform the look of fur coats with fur restyling.

Fur restyling can transform the look of fur coats.

You’ve spent a lot of money on your real fur jacket and promised yourself it would last you a lifetime. However, after some time has gone by, you may find that fox fur coat just isn’t the right style for you any longer. While many people simply discard an old winter coat after they are done wearing, the investment you make in a winter fur coat doesn’t make that any easier. Instead of getting rid of your old fur coats, fur restyling can help you change the way your coat looks without throwing away the investment you made.

Alter the Length

When many people purchase a new winter fur coat, they choose one that is long and provides a sense of elegance no other type of coat can portray. If your real fur is long and luxurious, you will have plenty of options for restyling your fur coat into something else entirely. Shortening a fur coat allows you to create just about anything you want without having to make any major changes to the coat itself. You can keep the same basic style, only in a shorter version that is ideal for women on the go.

Reline It

Sometimes it’s the lining that wears out. When this happens, you may be left to feel like you don’t have many choices for how to handle things. You may feel like the only option you have is to recycle it or get rid of it some way. The truth of the matter is a good furrier can help you restore your coat back to its former glory by installing a new lining in it. Choosing a different color or even transforming your coat into a reversible winter fur coat can be a great way to alter its look and even its uses.

Create Something Entirely New

If you love the piece of fur you have but no longer enjoy the style, you can consider taking your real fur jacket apart and make something entirely new. An experienced furrier can take apart your fur coat piece by piece and then put it back together in a whole new style. While there are exceptions to what can be done with a particular fur coat, your furrier will work with you to determine what options are possible. This will give your coat a new look.

Add Some Extra Touches

Sometimes all your fur coat needs is some new embellishments to make it look spectacular and new again. As part of the fur restyling process, your furrier can add some extra touches to the jacket. For instance, if your fur coat closes with buttons, consider adding a zipper instead. Restyling your fox fur coat by adding a different type of fur as trimming along the collar and cuffs can be another great option. Look at the various styles that are already available, as well as talk to your furrier to gather ideas. This will help you create a real fur jacket you can be proud to wear.

Create Accessories

Instead of using your winter fur coat to create a different type of jacket or coat, consider using your fur coat to create amazing fur accessories that will help you look stylish and won’t waste your investment. A quality fur coat can quickly and easily become gloves, a scarf, a hat, a handbag and much more. These items become the perfect complement to any winter coat, whether it’s made of fur or some other material.

Make Something for Your Home

If you are no longer interested in wearing a real fur coat, there are other options for fur restyling. A long, luxurious fur coat can quickly and easily be transformed into a warm blanket you can use at bedtime or just to decorate your home. Pillows are another popular option when you’re ready to transition your furs into something else.

A winter fur coat is an incredible investment that will keep you warmer than any other option available on the market. However, when that fur is out of style or you no longer want it, there are other options. For instance, you can take your old fur coat and have it restyled into just about any other style you want. If you no longer want to wear a fur coat, it can easily be transitioned into fur accessories or home decor, helping you find new ways to use this investment.

If you’re interested in fur restyling in Dallas, contact us. Our furrier can help you redesign your fur coat into something you will love to use.

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