Morris Kaye real fur accessoriesDid you know there’s more to animal-based apparel than mink fur coats? They’re certainly a classic look, but there are myriad other options at your disposal that look just as phenomenal! Case in point: snakeskin has gained quite a bit of popularity as of recent years, especially in the form of shoes. You may have already witnessed the release of snakeskin shoes into your own inventory – but are you aware of how to wear them to their full potential? This blog is designed to show you how! Read on for some of our top picks for snakeskin shoe outfits.

1) Snakeskin Heels + Monochrome

One of the best things about monochrome palettes is their ability to blend well with just about any other part of your wardrobe! This certainly applies to snakeskin shoes, which are often available in black and white patterning. Ladies, if you’re preparing for a casually elegant night out, consider pairing your favorite snakeskin heels with a black and white ensemble – such as a white dress with a flowing black shawl, or a white top with black culottes. Just take care not to wear any other patterned clothing. You don’t want to overwhelm your shoes; they’re the showpiece!

2) Colorful Snakeskin + Shorts

Of course, much like real fur accessories, snakeskin shoes come in a wide variety of colors and styles. This means you have all sorts of options to mix and match with, so don’t be afraid to experiment! Consider pairing a bold pair of snakeskin shoes with a white blouse and neutral shorts. You can top off this look with bold, gold jewelry and light makeup. This playful look is great for both casual outings and a day on the job!

3) Snakeskin + Shine

Snakeskin shoes can go amazingly well with shiny fabrics, if that’s your style! You can easily coordinate your favorite pair of snakeskin heels with that sleek satin party dress hiding away in your wardrobe. We can’t think of a better ensemble for enjoying a fun and sexy night out!

Alternatively, you could consider pairing your snakeskin heels with white pants and a satin blouse. Either way, you’re sure to look stunning!

4) Snakeskin + Color

If your pair of snakeskin shoes are colorful enough, you can help those colors stand out by incorporating one of them into the rest of your wardrobe. For instance, if your shoes have a splash of blue in its patterning, wear a blue top or dress in the same shade to match! You can also incorporate the color more subtly through the rest of your accessories.

5) Snakeskin + Fur

You didn’t expect us to cut fur completely out of the picture, did you? If you’re looking for new methods of how to wear real fur, consider combining a fur-lined jacket with your comfiest pair of jeans and snakeskin heels. Mink fur coats are a great fur option. This particular look is best suited for daytime outings when it’s just starting to get a bit nippy, and is pleasantly reminiscent of some of the best looks from the later half of the 2000s.

The Morris Kaye & Sons team is always dedicated to helping you look great in what you wear, whether it’s fur, snakeskin or something similar! Contact us today to learn more about our services and our inventory.