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Five Great Ways to Rock Your Fur Vest This Fall

Consider a real fur vest for your wardrobe.

A real fur vest can be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Not everyone wants to wear a full fur coat. Whether it isn’t yet cold enough to warrant one or it simply isn’t your style, there are other options for how to wear real fur, including real fur accessories. One of your alternative options is to choose a real fur vest. These vests can be use as an accessory to dress up your regular wardrobe or it can be used as a way to stay warmer as the cool weather of fall rolls in.

Go Casual

Most people don’t think casual when they think about how to wear real fur. However, this has become an ever-increasing popular option for many people. Instead of only wearing real fur for your fanciest occasions, you can pair your real fur vest with jeans and a casual shirt. Add high heels and your favorite necklace and you’ll be styling in a new way. Everyone will be sure to admire this bold combination of casual and elegant.

A Summery Twist

Who said you can’ wear real fur accessories in the summer? While the weather is cooling off as we venture through fall into winter, you can create a fun new look when you wear your real fur vest with a pair of strappy sandals. It may seem odd to pair these two seasons together, but when the weather isn’t too cool yet, it can create a fun look to rock your fur vest.

Over a Jacket

Just because it’s not cold enough for a full coat doesn’t mean you don’t need a coat at all. In fact, a real fur vest can be a great complement to any other coat you may have. Whether it’s a jean jacket or a leather jacket, you can put your favorite fur vest over the top and create the illusion of a fur coat without all the added warmth.

A Pair of Leggings

Leggings have become a staple in many wardrobes. Paired with a longer top, these leggings provide a chic look that can only be made better with the addition of a real fur vest. Choose black leggings with a lighter colored fur and you will stand out in a crowd.

Dress It Up

Just because more people are wearing real fur vests in a casual manner doesn’t mean you are restricted to this use. In fact, when you pair one with your favorite dress, you will be warm and cozy as you head out for a night on the town or to a party. You will be sure to attract plenty of attention when you show up wearing real furs.

If you’re looking for a fur vest to add a little versatility to your wardrobe, contact us. We carry a vast selection of the latest styles in a variety of fur types.

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