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Five Tips for Layering Your Fur Outerwear

fur restylingThe only thing better than a real fur coat is real fur accessories! However, these types of fur products are a bit trickier to wear than a fur coat. You don’t have the protection of long drapery cloaking the majority of your ensemble. Furthermore, there seems to just be a greater scale of opportunities to wear a fur coat over anything else…until now! We’ve put together a one-stop guide to help fur enthusiasts learn how to make the most of their real fur accessories. Read on for some handy style tips.

I. Fur Collared Jackets

You don’t always need a whole fur ensemble to look amazing! Some of the best fur accessories in Dallas use its fur only as an accent. Consider wearing a fur collared blazer or a vest over your favorite blouse or casual dress. We guarantee you’ll look stunning and one of a kind! Best of all, this look is perfect for those moderately chilly days when a full-on coat is just overkill.

II. Fur Vests

Fur vests are another alternative to the above suggestion, serving as somewhat of a miniaturized version of a fur coat. It features all of the same elegance, but won’t leave you melting on the sidewalk. The best part of any fur vest, however, is its versatility. You can wear it over just about any outfit, whether it’s a top and slim jeans, a dress or a classy business casual ensemble. The key to pulling off a fur vest, however, is to keep the rest of your outfit as simple as possible. Your vest should be the centerpiece of your outfit. Try contrasting it with the rest of your clothing, whether through color or patterning. You can also build your outfit so it complements the fur perfectly.

III. Business Casual Looks

Real fur accessories aren’t just for a flashy night out! They work just as well in an office setting, and are a great choice for making a good first impression at your next big meeting. Layer your fur accessory over a blouse, sweater or any other top you’d wear to the office. Just be sure to remember it’s designed to replace your average blazer. Don’t try to layer them both together!

IV. The Fur Scarf

Are you still trying to figure out how to wear a fur scarf casually? It’s actually just as easy as wearing any other scarf! Simply layer it with your favorite jacket or top, preferably in a loop tie. The rest will take care of itself. Again, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit simple and understated so your fur scarf can shine!

V. Combine Your Fur With Other Fabrics

We know we’ve been pushing the idea of pairing your fur with simple pieces throughout the majority of this article. However, if that just isn’t your style, you can also consider wearing your fur accessories in Dallas with another subtly patterned piece, or a piece made of a different, but complementary, fabric, such as leather. The contrast will prove pleasing to the eye and add a bit of gorgeous retro flair to your outfit.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to rock your fur accessories, make Morris Kaye & Sons your go-to resource! Contact us to learn more about fur fashion and get a taste of our chic inventory.


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