Morris Kaye mink fur coatEach year, fashion enthusiasts across the world devote rapt attention to Pantone, the company responsible for bringing the most couture colors into our lives and wardrobes. As with every year, Pantone has just released their top colors for spring of 2017. If you’re as fashion-savvy as us, you’ll notice these colors everywhere throughout the season, but especially among the real fur accessories donned by some of the boldest fashionistas out there. Here are our picks for some of the top Pantone colors this year, and how they may look when combined with a gorgeous piece of fur apparel or real fur accessories.

Hazelnut (PANTONE 14-1315)

Just as the name implies, hazelnut is the color of a rich latte ordered on an especially chilly spring day. While technically a neutral shade, it’s perfect for those looking for a slightly different sort of earth tone this spring. We can’t say it’s anything quite like other neutrals we’ve seen in the past. It’s lighter and softer than chocolate brown, but deeper than ecru. You could quite easily find this shade reflected naturally in a mink fur coat, and we certainly encourage you to look for it in any fur you see. Hazelnut can pair well with just about any color out there—especially other shades of brown and monochromatics.

Niagara (PANTONE 17-4123)

When the word “Niagara” comes to mind, you likely think of the light azure waters cascading down those infamous Falls. In fact, that same landmark is the namesake for this particular color! In terms of shades, Niagara is closer to what you might find in your favorite pair of jeans than any body of water, but it’s a beautiful color nonetheless. Try looking for items made from rabbit fur if you’re interested in owning this shade in pelt form. Rabbit fur is the most likely to be dyed.

Greenery (PANTONE 15-0343)

Last but not least, we’re covering Pantone’s official Color of the Year, “Greenery.” At first sight, you may find this color is the perfect representation of spring. It’s a soft shade, reminiscent of new plant buds just beginning to push through the earth. According to Pantone themselves, the color evokes feelings of zest and the desire to strive for one’s goals. To us, this sounds like new beginnings—and what could be a better new beginning than wearing fur in a whole new way?

If you’re interested in fur styling in Dallas, consider having one of your light-colored, pre-existing furs dyed in this shade, or try to hunt down one already this color. We can only imagine a beautiful greenery-colored fur piece paired with jewel tones or pastels. And neutrals work just as well with this particular color. In the end, it’s all up to you to find creative ways to make this color pop!

No matter what colors you choose to incorporate in your wardrobe, know there’s always something available for you at Morris Kaye & Sons. We’ve helped thousands of people look great and feel confident in their fur and we want to do the same for you. Be sure to contact us to learn more about our inventory and services!