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Fur Accessories: Cellphone Cases to Cufflinks

Morris Kaye real fur accessoriesWhen it comes to real fur accessories, there’s a much wider range of stock out there than stoles, coats and boots! You can get fur in pretty much any style imaginable, or for any aesthetic purpose you could want. So, just how many options out there, and which are the most popular? We’ve got the scoop. Keep reading to learn everything we know about some of the most unique types of real fur accessories on the market!


Cufflinks have always held particular popularity within the realm of men’s fashion! We can completely understand why. It’s an incredibly subtle way to add a bit of flair to your formal attire, and you can find cufflinks in a wide array of designs. However, did you know about fur cufflinks? They’re an unusual piece of fur restyling that are also exactly what they say on the tin: cufflinks with fur attached.

If you’re a fur enthusiast wanting to do something a bit different with your suit, or just have something that matches your fur scarf, fur cufflinks can be a perfect choice for your formal attire needs. They also come in a myriad of colors, making it easy to find a pair to coordinate with your favorite suit.


The last time you may have seen examples of fur keychains was in a ‘90s teen sitcom, but they’re still very much around! The most common form is a simple puffball attached to a keyring; however, there are many other examples out there to look for. Some are more tail-shaped, and some are the standard ball with a face or an extra charm attached. Quite a few of them come in multiple colors for added pizzazz. Regardless of their appearance, fur keychains should prove suitable for anyone with an affinity for cute things. What could be cuter than a fuzzy little keychain?

Cellphone Cases

Just like smartphones, cellphone cases are a fairly new thing. However, when it comes to how to accessorize with real fur, taking the cellphone route is an incredibly trendy move. The majority of these cases are made of longer fur varieties, such as beaver, and dyed into all sorts of eye popping colors. If you wanted, you could get one in every color of the rainbow and swap them out as you please!

Based on our observations, fur cellphone cases are already catching fire among fashion enthusiasts—and we completely understand the hype. Fur cellphone cases are a great way of keeping your phone cozy and just as on trend as you. Now your phone can match your favorite fur piece for the ultimate style coordination!

Of course, there are many other types of fur accessories out there, but these listed above are just the top three. If you want to learn more about fur fashion and how to get more deeply involved, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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