Fur Capes
Fur capes make a great alternative to fur coats.

Fur coats just aren’t the right option for everyone. For some people, the costs are too high with a full fur coat or the look isn’t what they want. However, this doesn’t mean they have to give up on the idea of having furs of any kind. There are many options for furs that will fulfill your desire to have furs as part of your wardrobe without the need to own and use fur coats. Fur capes, for instance, are a great alternative for you.

The Look

One of the reasons people consider using fur capes instead of a full fur coat is for the look of it. For instance, when you are wearing a fur cape, everyone will still get a good look at the outfit you are wearing underneath it. In addition, your fur cape will be able to dress up whatever outfit you are wearing. The elegance of wearing a cape brings back some of the fashion of times past with a modern look.


When you choose fur capes instead of fur coats, you won’t need to give up any of the advantages of wearing a fur coat to downsize to a cape. Because of the natural properties of the fur, you will experience the same warmth the animals from which the pelts are taken enjoy during the colder months. You will be able to keep warm without wearing a full-length fur coat. However, because the cape doesn’t have as much coverage, you won’t find you get too warm.


Another advantage of choosing the fur cape is you will save money over the cost of a fur coat. While cost may not be an issue for you, sometimes you want something that will give you all the advantages of a fur coat with a different look. This makes it a great second piece if you already own a fur coat and want some additional options.

Making the choice to purchase a fur cape instead of a fur coat can be a personal decision. However, some people are drawn to these fur pieces for certain reasons. Some people prefer the way the fur capes look over what a fur coat looks like. Others enjoy the functionality and low cost associated with these capes so they can wear a beautiful fur and feel even more special and elegant without breaking the bank.