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Fur Footwear

Morris Kaye how to wear real furWe’ve all heard of the standard fur fashion pieces: coats, scarves, stoles, jackets and the like. Another quite common piece that’s, unfortunately, all too often forgotten is shoes. In fact, fur footwear is incredibly common—especially in the winter months—but the majority of fur fashionistas don’t devote nearly as much attention to this clothing item as they could, or should! In this blog article, we’ll seek to rectify this situation. Read on to learn about fur footwear and how to wear real fur on your feet.

For Men

Believe it or not, it’s just as easy for men to learn how to accessorize with real fur as it is for women. The key is to broaden your horizons and never stop looking for new styles to try. Case in point: fur footwear has actually become quite popular for men, and has been as of 2016! The trend got its start in Italy, under the guidance of Gucci and several other couture brands.

The current trend for men’s fur footwear seems to be fur lining, which manifests in a myriad of ways. No matter your preferred form of footwear, you should be able to find something that suits your tastes. The most popular styles involve fur lining, and have been used in slippers, sneakers and sandals. We can only imagine how incredibly plush these shoes must feel! Even if you aren’t particularly fond of fur, the idea of walking on such cozy softness may be worth giving these shoes a chance. Best of all, the price range for these shoes ranges from high-end to quite affordable, making it easy for you to add these fur shoes to your wardrobe no matter your budget.

For Women

Fur coat restyling is incredibly common in women’s fashion, so much so that we’re sure you’ve observed all sorts of fur footwear styles in your nearest shoe store. One of the most popular styles you can observe—and likely have for about a decade—are Uggs. While many bash this particular boot, their fur lining is incredibly innovative and helps them to be not only trendy, but snug and comfortable. They’re also very high quality and meant to last quite awhile, provided you give them the proper care they need.

If you’re looking for other methods of how to wear real fur, there are numerous varieties of fur boots besides Uggs. You can easily find knee-length boots with fur cuffs, sturdy winter boots with long fur coverings and even mules and sandals with fur trim! Ultimately, the way you wear fur shoes all comes down to your own personal style.

There’s a lot to learn about fur fashion and many other styles of fur footwear out there to try. In fact, some people may find it overwhelming to learn everything. Whether you’re a seasoned fur enthusiast or just making your initial foray, Morris Kaye & Sons is always here to help you make the best style decisions. Contact us to learn more about our services and sample our current inventory!

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