Morris Kaye professional fur coat cleaningUpon hearing the word “glazing,” most of us are likely to think of a freshly baked donut or a succulent baked ham. You may be surprised to learn glazing also applies to the fur industry! As you’ve likely already guessed, the process doesn’t involve your coat being coated in a thick layer of sugar. Instead you can think of glazing as a way to condition your fur coat, so it stays healthy and lasts longer. Read on to learn more about how fur glazing works, and why you should book an appointment for it in the near future.

So, What Is Fur Glazing?

As we’ve already stated, glazing is one of many means to condition your fur coat. It ultimately involves cleaning the fur thoroughly to remove the dust and other unsavory elements it gradually becomes exposed to while you’re out and about. It’s commonly known that fur and dirt do not get along. If too much dirt is allowed to collect on your coat, you risk your coat eventually losing its glossiness. Dirt weighs down the follicles of your fur coat, dulling its shine and forcing it to hang limp and dead. By choosing to have your coat undergo a glazing procedure, you free it of all of this grime and restore it to its original and correct glory.

How Does Glazing Work Exactly?

Glazing can be performed either at home or by a professional. If you’re a newbie to fur coat ownership or have never performed a glazing before, it’s probably best to leave this procedure to a professional fur coat cleaning expert.

The first part of glazing involves your coat being thoroughly spritzed with a special solution known as a “composition.” The average composition will contain water, potassium oleate, alcohol, an anionic agent, liquid silicone and terpine oil. Mix all of these elements together, then deposit it all into an air spray gun.

Once the composition has been created and loaded into the air spray gun, you can begin applying it to your coat. During the spraying process, store your coat on a flat surface free of any other fabrics. Be sure to spray your coat as thoroughly as you possibly can. You want to hit every inch of your coat to ensure no dirt or dust is left behind.

Afterwards, take a clean cloth and rub your fur coat with it. Stick to the way the fur naturally moves in terms of direction. Once this is done, all there’s left is for it to dry and for you to give your coat a vigorous shake just to get rid of any leftover bits of dirt.

At Morris Kaye & Sons, we fully understand that your fur coat is an investment, and you want to take proper care of it. We’re here to help! Contact us today if you’re looking for help with fur coat care, or are interested in adding a new coat to your collection.