Fur Apparel
Knitted fur is one of the important terms to know when shopping for furs.

If you have never purchased fur coats or any other fur products in the past, you may not be fully aware of what all the fur terminology means. Learning about the proper terminology will allow you to shop around for the best furs without feeling as if a salesman will trick you into buying something you aren’t looking for. While you may still need help in finding the best quality, you will at least know what to look for.

Guard Hair

When your furrier talks about guard hairs, he is referring to the longer, coarser outer hair that is the most noticeable when you are looking at the fur. Some items will use a process called plucking to remove the guard hairs to reveal the softer hairs underneath. This is not always used, though, so it is important to know what a furrier is talking about when he refers to the guard hairs.


The term underfur is the official name for the softer fur that is found underneath the guard hairs. This layer of fur is responsible for the incredible warmth fur coats offer. The softness of this fur will vary widely depending on the type of animal from which the fur was farmed.


Sometimes a furrier will refer to a particular fur with the term mutation. This term essential refers to a type of fur that was bred specifically for a certain color or texture. Most of the furs you will find in a typical fur store are natural furs and are not mutated. However, it can be helpful to understand this term so you know what you are getting if your furrier offers this option.

Knitted Fur

You may have seen fur items that claim to be knitted fur. While you may be envisioning someone sitting with a pair of knitting needles to create the garment, this isn’t necessarily the case. The term is coined because the furs are alternated in their direction to create a unique look that is similar to what you would get from knitting clothing.

There are many more terms that can be found when shopping for furs, but these are some of the lesser known and more important terms. Learning as much as you can about fur coats and the terms associated with them will allow you to make the right choice when you are shopping for furs.