Fur Coats
Real fur coats offer incredible warmth.

It is an age-old argument whether real fur is better than faux fur for a variety of reasons. One of the primary reasons genuine fur coats are much better than their fake counterparts is because of the incredible warmth they can provide. While there are plenty of other benefits to wearing genuine fur, this is one of the most important if you live in an area that requires an extremely warm layer to stay safe.

A Thick Undercoat

One of the primary reasons real fur is so much warmer than faux fur is the fact that there is often a thick undercoat. This thick layer of fur that is located underneath the beautiful outer layer you see is designed to keep animals warm when they are spending their entire winters outdoors. You can take advantage of that natural layer to offer you more warmth than any other type of coat you have ever worn.

Water Shedding Properties

Another reason why real fur coats are typically much warmer than faux fur coats is because the fur is also designed to shed water. Even though you aren’t likely to experience large amounts of rainfall, especially in the northern states, it can help repel the snow, keeping you warmer and dryer. Even though all coats are meant to keep the cold and the wet out, no other material does it better than real fur.

Handles Snow Better

If you do live in an area that typically gets a lot of snow, real fur is the ideal choice for a number of reasons. For starters, the fur will keep the snow near the surface of the coat and won’t allow it to melt against your body heat. It will keep your body heat in and thus keep the snow from making the coat wet. In addition, real fur coats also will not allow any melted snow to freeze. This is incredibly important to help keep your body temperature regulated, no matter what the temperature is outside.

There are many reasons why real fur is a better choice than faux fur. Not only will this type of fur keep you warmer than other types of materials, particularly faux fur, fur coats that are made from real fur are also a green option and are not made from potentially harmful chemicals. This gives you every reason to choose real.

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