Consider buying real fur coats.
Real fur coats can be a great addition to any wardrobe.

There are a lot of questions surrounding real furs, many of which can lead to misconceptions when left unanswered. Sometimes it’s not having answers to these questions that can cause people to choose not to buy real fur coats in Dallas. However, when you arm yourself with the facts and get the answers to any questions you may have, you will find a real fur coat can be a valuable asset to your wardrobe and help you keep warm, no matter how cold the winter weather may become.

Are Animal Rights Violated?

One of the biggest concerns people ask about buying a real fur coat is whether they are  harming the environment by doing so. Animal rights activists would like people to believe buying real fur equates to cruelty to animals. However, this is not the case. Most legitimate fur farms take good care of their animals to ensure the best possible condition of the furs. They also harvest those furs in a humane manner. The good news is real fur is more environmentally friendly than the alternative materials used.

Is Winter Fur Storage Necessary?

Storing real fur coats in Dallas during the winter months may seem expensive and inconvenient, but it’s the only way you can ensure your coat is protected and will last as long as it should. Without the proper humidity levels and temperatures, your fur coat could become brittle, lose some of its fur or become moldy during periods you aren’t wearing it regularly. The good news is fur storage isn’t as expensive as many fear and it allows your furrier to check over the coat and repair any damage, as well as clean it.

How Do I Find the Right Fur?

If you’ve ever been shopping for real fur coats in Dallas, you’re aware of all the types of fur you can choose from. Before you buy any real fur coat, it’s important to check it for authenticity. Real furs will have a tag sewn inside that lists where the fur is from. It should also be made from real pelts with no fake leather on the inside of the coat. Feel the fur itself and make sure it is soft and consists of the guard hairs and and softer underfur.

What Do I Do with an Old Fur?

Whether you’ve inherited grandma’s old fur coat or you no longer like the look of your old fur, there are options. If you still want a real fur coat, you can talk to your furrier about restyling the fur into something that better first your sense of style. However, if you no longer want it, you can choose to sell it or recycle it into something else.

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