Learn how to identify real fur coats.
Real fur coats can be easy to identify.

The decision to wear real or faux fur is a personal one, but for some people, it can seem almost impossible to tell the difference between the two. However, when you follow this guide, you will quickly be able to differentiate between a real fur coat and one that has been made from faux fur. This will allow you to ensure you aren’t paying more for something that isn’t made from real fur.

Look It Over

One of the first things you should do is look real fur coats in Dallas over to determine if it is truly real. Blow on the fur and watch what happens. Real fur will separate, revealing a thicker undercoat. Fake fur tends to have hairs of all the same length and a uniform color, rather than a variety of colors that blend together. In addition to looking at the fur itself, check the inside of the coat for its label. A real fur coat will let you know where the fur pelts came from, while faux fur offers other information on any tags.

Feel It

Simply touching the fur coat can tell you a lot about whether it’s real. While different types of fur will have its own unique feel, in general, real furs are softer to the touch and is relatively smooth. Faux fur tends to have a rougher texture to it. When humid, faux fur often feels sticky to the touch as well.

Consider the Price

While the price may not offer you insight into whether it is a faux or real fur coat, especially on the secondhand market, it’s important when you are buying a coat from a store. Faux fur coats are often significantly cheaper than their real alternatives. If the price seems too good to be true, chances are it is.

While there are many methods of testing whether a fur coat is real or fake, these are the simplest options, allowing you to determine whether you should pay more money for the furs or if you are better off looking elsewhere.

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