vintage fur coatsThroughout our years of maintaining this blog, we’ve talked quite a bit about how to spot high quality vintage fur coats. However, while all of our coverage on this topic is certainly important, we feel it is just as significant to inform you of how to identify coats on the lowest end of the quality spectrum. Let’s face it: while the majority of fur coat sellers out there are reputable and want to sell you the best possible apparel, there are a few bad seeds out there that are more interested in getting your money than selling you vintage fur coats that are actually worth their price tag. By knowing what to look for in a poor quality fur coat, you will be better able to protect yourself from being potentially swindled out of your money by purchasing a cheap piece of fur apparel. Here are some of the top signs that something may be amiss.

Take a Look at the Lining

The lining is one of the first and easiest tellings of a vintage fur coat’s quality. The lining of the average real fur coat will be located along the seams. Look at the opening of the coat and try to detect the seam, or point your attention toward the zipper area if there is one. You should have just enough space at these areas to insert a finger or peer directly into the area to examine it. The lining will be along the back of the coat, and should have a flat texture. Additionally, you may be able to feel the edges of the different pelts used to create the entire coat.

How Much Leather Is Part of the Coat?

Ideally, most real fur accessories should not contain a great deal of leather. It may be used for the interior of the coat or even as embellishment, but it should not be present in equal or greater amounts than the fur of your fur coat; otherwise, it isn’t a fur coat anymore. While leather and fur make quite the fashionable combination, if a vintage fur coat is what you’re after, you’ll want a piece of apparel that is mostly made of actual fur.

Fur Texture Is Key

Finally, you should be sure to investigate the texture of the fur coat itself. Feel the fur directly. Low quality fur will be clumpy or stiff. High quality fur coats, on the other hand, are very plush to the touch and actually composed of discernable layers. You will be able to tell these layers apart just by feeling the coat.

At Morris Kaye & Sons, we have a saying: “Your fur coat is an investment.” You deserve for that investment to be as high quality as possible, so you can enjoy it for years to come! We can help you choose only the best pieces of fur apparel. Contact us to receive a closer glimpse of our inventory and to learn more about our services.