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How Do Different Types of Fur Compare?

There are many types of real fur coats.

Discover the many types of real fur coats.

When you’re shopping for real fur coats in Dallas, one of the things you’ll notice is the vast number of types of fur coats from which you have to choose. Before you make your final decision regarding which fur coat to buy, it’s essential to evaluate the different types of furs and what each one can offer you. This will ensure you make a choice you will be happy with for as long as possible.


Perhaps best known for its durability, beaver fur is soft, warm and thick, giving you a luxurious coat you will be proud to wear. With a soft, thick under fur and shiny, wiry guard hairs, this coat has a look that can’t be matched by any other type of fur. While beaver is typically brown in color, there are often varying shades and sometimes a touch of silver in the pelts for a unique look.


The chinchilla also offers soft, dense fur, except their hairs tend to be a bit longer than many other types of furs. Even though this fur is some of the most dense on the market, it is also still extremely lightweight. However, because chinchillas are small animals, furs made from their pelts can be a bit more expensive than some of your other options.


One of the most popular options, fox fur can come in several colors and provide an essence of luxury with any real fur coat. This fur is often soft, long and quite fluffy and often comes from areas like Scandinavia, Russia and countries throughout Europe, although it is still farmed in the US as well. When properly maintained, these furs can last a long time.


When you’re looking for the most luxurious fur, one of the first that comes to mind is mink. Few other furs can match its softness, which is why it is often so attractive. Although thick, this is typically a lightweight fur and can be worn with its long guard hairs intact or sheared for a completely different look.


Another long-haired option is rabbit. While many people see the rabbit as a household pet, it has become a great option for real fur coats in Dallas. The sleek, soft fur often lies flat and comes in a variety of colors to best suit any style. This type of fur is often dyed to create a unique look you won’t find in many other types of furs.

If you’re looking for a vast array of types of real fur coats in Dallas, contact us. We carry a large selection made from some of the top furs in the fashion industry.

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