You can determine which are real fur coats.
Learn how to identify real fur coats.

One of the biggest concerns when buying real fur coats in Dallas is whether you are buying a real fur or if it is a faux fur. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for many to tell the difference if they don’t know what to look for. Buying online can make it even more difficult. This guide is designed to help you learn the differences you should look for so you can decide if it’s worth spending the money on the real fur jacket or coat you’ve been eyeing up.

Feel the Fur Itself

Feeling the fur can actually tell you a lot about whether it is real or not. While every type of fur will have a slightly different feel to it, there are certain common elements you can look for to help you determine if the fur coat you are about to buy is made from real fur or if it is an imitation fur. If you are able to see the fur in person before making the purchase, run your hand over the length of the fur. In general, the fur should feel soft, not overly stiff, and it should consist of two distinct layers of fur. These two layers will include the longer guard hairs, along with shorter, softer underfur. Tufted or spiky fur doesn’t indicate real furs.

Look Inside the Coat

Every real fur coat or real fur jacket will have a lining sewn inside. This lining can tell you a lot about whether you are dealing with real fur or if you may be looking at fake furs. The lining of real fur coats should be well tailored. Peaking under the lining can also tell you a lot as well. Real fur coats won’t have the lining attached at the bottom of the coat. Instead, it will be hemmed and loose so you can easily look underneath. Contrary to what many people think, the furs should be sewn together in thin strips, rather than one large piece. Hair should not be caught in the seams and the seams should be even and straight.

Is There a Pelt Label?

A pelt label is an excellent indicator whether you are looking at a real fur jacket or coat. This label will provide information on where the particular pelts came from. While real furs come from all over the world, it is important to do your research on where certain types of furs should come from. Not only will the presence of a pelt label let you know where the fur came from, therefore indicating the quality of that fur, but it will also let you know you are looking at real fur. Fake fur coats and jackets may have labels, but they won’t make any claims as to where the fur came from because it is man-made.

Where Was It Made?

While the location in which a fur coat was made bears little indication whether it is real or not, it can be helpful in ensuring you are buying a high-quality fur coat. When you buy a real fur coat that was made in the United States, for instance, you can be sure the quality of that fur is higher than it would be if you would purchase from another country where mass production is common.

Finding real fur coats in Dallas doesn’t have to be a challenge. While it can be easy to mistake a fake fur for a real one, it’s important to make sure you know what you should look for. When you know how to tell the difference, you won’t end up spending your hard earned money on a coat that isn’t the real thing and isn’t going to hold up in the same way a real fur can, especially in terms of holding its value.

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