real fur jacketIt seems like everywhere you look nowadays you’ll see someone wearing a stylish fur. And with all of the fur accessories available, it doesn’t even have to be the fall or winter months to see some type of fur around. One thing many people don’t think about when they see so many people wearing mink fur coats is how much of an impact the fur industry as a whole has on the global economy. The truth is it’s a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s only going to continue growing. Here are some facts and interesting notes about the fur industry’s economic impact.

Fur Has Always Been A Global Trade

Whether it’s a real fur jacket, fur scarves, fur vests or anything else, furs in general are known as one of the oldest items traded worldwide. Furs were often the only source of warmth for people hundreds of years ago. Today, several dozen countries around the world reap economic benefits of fur, as millions of jobs are created because of it. In fact, some people travel the world selling their mink fur coats they spent so much time on and take pride in.

How Valuable Is The Fur Industry Exactly?

Value isn’t often defined in terms of dollars and cents, but rather more of what good comes out of any situation. Furs actually take care of both aspects. With the fur industry contributing upwards of $30 billion each year, the impacts are felt globally. Plus, millions of jobs are created because of it and some countries even reinvest the money to make housing more affordable for its residents, as well as better health care practices. These are just a couple examples of the various positive impacts the fur industry has worldwide.

Positive Impacts Will Only Continue

Some experts believe we haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to the potential impacts the fur industry will have. A real fur jacket or mink fur coats used to be viewed as luxury items only, but now average people are able to afford them, so the popularity will only increase. Of course, there are plenty of luxury furs available to attract that group of people. The main point being furs are now more widely available to a larger population globally to support the projected positive impacts.

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