mink fur coatReal fur accessories originally emerged as a fashion staple for one reason only: because they keep us warm! The earliest civilizations crafted fur clothing to protect them against the bitter temperatures during the coldest parts of the year, and this trend continued as humanity evolved and reshaped the way we live and interact with each other. Parts of the Americas developed as a result of the fur trade, especially as demand increased over in Europe. With the steady persistence fur fashion has maintained over the centuries, it’s no wonder why it is still so popular today! However while we know very well how warm real fur accessories are, there seems to be less investigation into just how fur is so cozy. We’ve done a bit of research, and we want to use this blog to give you a bit of a closer glimpse into why fur is the warmest piece of apparel there is.

It’s All About Insulation

Take a moment to think about your furless winter gear. How warm is it in comparison to a mink fur coat? We’re willing to bet that mink is the warmer option! Most people have to completely bundle up to feel anything close to the warmth a fur coat offers. Not only is a sweater, coat, scarf, hat, earmuffs and gloves harder to move in, but they can be cumbersome to put on and take off. Fur fashion offers far more warmth while still being comfortable and even stylish.

The reason for this is insulation, which describes the process of an object absorbing heat and harboring heat. It works as such:

  • Fur protects you from the cold by forming what’s called a “boundary layer.” This happens as cold air hits the surface of your coat and the molecules cause friction. Because a mink fur coat is naturally thicker than standard winter coats, its “boundary layer” is exponentially bigger. In addition, the fur your fur coat is made of diverts the air; this effect improves the coat’s insulation potential.

  • Fur holds body heat in much better than other types of winter coats. This is what fur is innately designed to do. As your body creates heat, it is prone to letting that heat loose, which ends in your feeling colder faster. Real fur accessories dampen that natural process, so it’s easier for you to hold on to your body heat and feel warmer while you’re out in the cold.

There are all sorts of real fur accessories to help keep you warm during the winter. You can choose from fur-lined apparel to full fur apparel to smaller, real fur accessories. Regardless of what you choose, you can trust fur clothing to keep you snug and warm even during the harshest of winter days.

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