mink fur coatThere’s no denying that a mink fur coat is one of the most popular varieties of fur accessories to be found on the market; in fact, it has retained this status for quite a long time. However, did you know just how varied a mink fur coat can be? You can easily find mink coats in a wide variety of styles and, in some cases, even discern the sex of the original animal used to create the coat just by the texture of the fur. While not everyone goes shopping for a mink fur coat with a specific style in mind, we feel that informing you of all the different options out there may appeal to those whose tastes are a bit more specific. Keep reading to learn more about all the differences mink coats can hold.

“Mutated” Mink Fur

Don’t worry; your coat isn’t radioactive! When it comes to fur presentation, “mutated” implies the fur just looks different from the norm. For instance, your coat may be bright white instead of the usual deep, chocolate brown—without the use of any dyes or special treatments. A mink fur coat like this will typically catch your eye immediately. As you may expect, this is one of the most sought after types of fur coats.

If you spot mutated mink fur during your next shopping trip, be sure to check it over for quality. Ask the store staff about the fur and give it a feel. You’ll want something plush and in good condition. That way, you know your one of a kind coat is authentic and of good quality.

Pieced Fur

You can almost think of a coat made from pieced fur as being like a patchwork quilt. This type of fur coat is sewn together using pieces of fur that typically aren’t as sought after, and may be a compilation of furs from minks of both sexes rather than simply one sex. Because of this, a mink coat made of pieced fur is ideal for those looking for a good fur coat but are also on a budget. Make sure the fur is uniform and has a durable leather backing.

The Differences Between the Sexes

Believe it or not, most furriers tend to craft fur coats from minks of exclusively one sex. This can affect the quality of the coat in subtle ways. The only real way to tell the difference between a fur coat made from male minks and one made from female minks is by how it feels. A coat made from male minks, for instance, will have a coarser texture and will also be made from larger pelts. Coats made from female minks, on the other hand, are a lot softer and need a higher amount of pelts to complete.

We hope this information will make it easier for you to navigate fur styling in Dallas and San Antonio, especially when it comes to picking out the best mink fur coat for you. Contact us at Morris Kaye & Sons to learn more about what to look for with mink fur!