Protect your investment in real fur coats with fur cleaning.
Real fur coats require regular cleaning to keep them in good shape.

Do you know how to take care of real fur? Most people are well aware of the need to give furs plenty of breathing room and to put them on a large, padded hanger, but there are certain aspects of the care for real fur coats many people overlook. For instance, fur cleaning isn’t something that can be done in your own home or even at your local dry cleaners. So how are you supposed to keep your fur coats for women and men clean? Many people simply don’t get them cleaned because they just don’t know how. However, it’s important to make sure these coats get a good cleaning every once in a while.

How Often Should It Be Washed?

The first question many fur owners have is how often their real fur coats need to be washed. Professional fur cleaning is quite thorough, which means it isn’t a process you should have to get done several times a year. Unless you spill something on your coat or have obvious stains, you can likely let your fur coat go uncleaned until it’s time for fur storage in the spring months. This is the perfect time because you won’t be wearing your fur coat and it will likely be spending time with your furrier at this point as well. This also means your fur coat will be ready for you to wear when the weather begins to cool off again.

What If You Haven’t Worn It?

Professional fur cleaning may feel like a waste of your money if you have rarely worn the coat. Perhaps you only wear it for special events like weddings. Maybe the weather was unusually warm and you didn’t feel the need to bring out your real fur coats. Regardless of the reason, if your coat hasn’t been out of the closet much the past winter, you can often forgo cleaning for a year. While it doesn’t hurt your coat to clean it more often than necessary, you can save some money by cleaning your coat only every other year if you don’t use it often. However, it’s important to remember professional fur cleaning isn’t just about removing dirt and stains; it’s also about maintaining the integrity of the natural oils in the furs so they last longer.

Don’t Trust Your Dry Cleaner

Some people mistakenly think they can take their real fur coats to the dry cleaner, rather than spending the time and money needed to have a furrier clean the coat. After all, their other delicates can be handled by a dry cleaner so why not furs? The answer is simple. Real furs are constructed differently than other materials and require a specialized cleaning process dry cleaners don’t offer. While some may claim to handle furs, it’s best to entrust your investment to professional furriers who have experience with these materials.

A Specialized Process

Cleaning fur coats for women and men is quite different than throwing your other clothing in your washer and dryer at home or even using the typical dry cleaning process. Your furs will be placed in a tumbler, along with a mixture of ground walnut shells, corn cobs and a mild cleaning agent. When tumbled together, the powder will help remove dust and other small particles from between the hairs of the fur. Excess oil is also removed during this process. These particles will also fall out of the furs after the tumbling process is complete.

In addition to this cleaning process, many furriers will complete the process by glazing your furs. This step will help restore some of the natural sheen to your furs and ensure it looks just as great as the day you first put it on.

Professional fur cleaning in Dallas is a necessity in between wearing seasons, especially if you wear it often. While fur coats don’t have a tendency to get as dirty as your average coat, it’s still necessary to remove dust and other particles, as well as excess oils, to ensure your coat doesn’t become dry and brittle. However, your typical cleaning processes, such as dry cleaning or even your washer and dryer at home, isn’t advisable. Instead, you need to turn to professional furriers who use a special process for getting your coat clean and keeping it in good shape.

If you’re looking for professional fur cleaning in Dallas, contact us. We take pride in helping our customers keep their investment in perfect condition.