Morris Kaye fur coat appraisal in DallasOut of all the gifts you’ve received this holiday season, you may have a least favorite. For some, this could be a real fur coat they either have no use for, or don’t exactly love. Alternatively, you could be over the moon about your new coat but not have enough room in your closet to store it properly. If the latter situation is the case for you, your best option would be to either put some of your other fur apparel (or non-fur apparel) in storage or up for sale. The process of selling your fur, however, can be tricky. Keep reading for a quick guide on how to best approach selling a real fur coat.

Do Your Research

The first and most important step to selling a fur coat is doing some preliminary research. You need to figure out how much the coat is worth; the last thing you want to do is underprice or over price it. Underpricing the coat will cheat you out of gaining the amount of money you deserve. Over pricing will make it much harder to sell the coat, as no one will want to pay an amount they don’t feel is worth it for any product.

The best way to go about finding your coat’s worth is to get in touch with a professional specializing in fur coat appraisal in Dallas and/or San Antonio. They will be able to look at your coat and, based on their observations and expertise, determine the most reasonable price. Be sure to locate and bring any certificates attached to the coat as well; this will help the appraisal be as accurate as possible!

Selling Your Coat

There are two main ways to sell a real fur coat: using a consignment service or posting it online. Both methods come with their own pros and cons.

  • A consignment service takes care of all the sales-related hassle for you, which is great if you don’t have enough time on your hands to communicate with potential buyers yourself. All you have to do is give them the coat and they will take care of the rest. They’ll give you a call once the coat is sold so you can pick up the payment. Keep in mind that a consignment service will generally want to keep a percentage of the payout, so you won’t see all of the profit earned from selling the coat.

  • Selling online gives you full control of the sales process, so you will receive every cent of the final sales profit. However, listing a coat for sale is a bit more time consuming. You must take photos of the coat from all angles, write an appealing sales pitch as well as all important facts about the coat, and also be available to answer any customer questions. This option may not be as viable if you have an already demanding personal schedule.

No matter what method you choose in the end, we hope this quick guide helps make the process a little easier. Remember: your fur coat is an investment; you want to ensure you’re compensated for that investment as fairly and thoroughly as possible! Contact our team at Morris Kaye & Sons to learn more about buying and selling fur apparel.