Fur Coats
Proper care can help prevent fur shedding.

Fur coats are an important investment that requires proper care to ensure they don’t become damaged. When a fur coat is damaged, it is often difficult or impossible to repair, making the money you paid for the coat a waste. One of the problems you can encounter with fur coats is shedding. Knowing how to prevent shedding will ensure your coat stays as full as the day you bought it.

Hang It Carefully

Friction is one of the major causes of fur coat shedding. Therefore, you need to hang the coat in a place where it won’t be constantly
rubbing against other coats. Keep it separated from your other coats in the closet but don’t place the coat in a garment bag because the fur needs to breathe to remain healthy.

Avoid Compression

Sitting on your coat for long periods of time or placing heavy objects on the coat can eventually cause the coat to lose its hair. It is also important to avoid carrying a strap over the shoulder of the coat or to wear jewelry that can become entangled in the fur. All of these factors can lead to hair loss in your coat.

Keep It Dry

While you can certainly wear fur coats when it is raining or snowing outside, it is important to keep your coat as dry as possible. This means you need to know how to properly dry your coat, including not using heat and getting it professionally dried if it isn’t drying easily. This will prevent cracking of the leather that can lead to hair loss.

Avoid Chemicals

Many women wear perfume or use hairspray to keep their hair in place. However, it is important to apply these chemicals when you aren’t wearing your coat to avoid damaging the fur. These products have a tendency to make the fur brittle and dry out the leather, which can lead to cracking and fur loss.

Proper Cleaning and Storage

At the end of the season, it is important to have your fur coats stored properly with your furrier to ensure it doesn’t become damaged by the heat and humidity of the summer months. It is also important to have your fur coats cleaned on a yearly basis to remove anything that can have a detrimental impact on the quality of your coat and how long it will last.