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How to Care for Fox Fur Coats

Fox Fur Coats

Proper care is essential for fox fur coats.

Fox fur coats are a gorgeous choice that is durable and versatile, allowing you to wear your coat or jacket with a variety of outfits. You will find fox as the only material on a coat or jacket, like the Russian Silver Fox Jacket, as well as in combination with other materials, such as leather, as is apparent in the Fox Fur and Leather Jacket. Regardless of the type of coat you have, how you care for it plays a large role in its beauty.

Winter Weather

Chances are you bought a fur coat to wear on the coldest winter days. If you find yourself out in the elements and it suddenly starts raining or snowing, you don’t have to panic, but you do have to know how to care for it right away. If the coat is saturated, your best line of defense is to take it directly to your professional furrier because professional repair might have to be performed. If it is just mildly wet, thoroughly shake it off and hang it up on a padded hanger by itself. Avoid any heat sources coming into direct contact with it; simply allow it to dry naturally.

Keep Your Pockets

The pockets of fox fur coats are not meant to hold bulky or heavy items. The weight of the items can pull on the seams, causing deformation of the actual fur. If you notice the lining pulling away from the pelts, it is important to take your coat in for repair as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

Consistent Temperature

It is important to keep the temperature of your coat stable, even during the winter months. The level of humidity needs to be controlled to avoid drying the skin out. The coat should only be exposed to a minimal amount of humidity, which is why many people choose to store their coat with a professional furrier during the hot summer months. This takes the risk out of summer damage occurring because the professionals have temperature controlled vaults in which they store the products while they are not in use.

Clean as Necessary

As a general rule of thumb, fox fur coats should be professionally cleaned once per year. However, because they naturally attract dirt, it is important to continually check the level of cleanliness of the coat. If you have an overabundance of dirt on your coat, you should take it in to have it cleaned as often as necessary.

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