real fur vestOne of the many great things about furs is they can be purchased in various styles, lengths, colors and more. You can surely find the real fur vest that fits your style perfectly. And if you already have old furs that may not be what you want to wear anymore, you can take advantage of fur restyling to customize a new piece. You have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the color of the fur. Here are some tips and helpful advice on how to choose a stunning fur color to fit your style.

Consider Your Natural Tones And Colors

Just like with other garments and accessories you wear, it’s important to start by picking a color that complements your natural skin tone, hair color and even the color of your eyes. The real fur vest you choose could bring out your natural colors even more if you select the appropriate one. The goal is to not create a harsh contrast. For example, if you have a darker skin tone, going with a predominantly white fur may not look the best. You’ve most likely considered your natural tones and colors when picking out other garments, so shop with the same strategy when selecting furs.

Dyed Furs Can Make A Statement

The everyday fur you wear may look different than the fur you wear to a formal event or to make a fashion statement. A real fur vest, coat or other types may be dyed green, blue, purple, pink or virtually any color you desire. They could also be dyed with more of a natural color like black, brown, yellow or orange. Regardless of the color you choose, dyed furs can make a major fashion statement due to the boldness it portrays when wearing it.

Neutral Colors Go With Almost Everything

If you’re struggling with finding the right fur color, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors. Many people who intend to wear their real fur vest regularly will choose beige, black, gray, white, brown or other similar colors that match well with almost any outfit. Even people who like to make a fashion statement can appreciate the quality of a neutral color since the fur itself offers a certain sense of glamour. Opt for a neutral-colored fur and you’ll expand the wardrobe options you have in your closet.

Morris Kaye Furs in Dallas offers a wide selection of fur styles, colors, accessories and more. We also offer fur restyling so feel free to bring in your old fur and have it repurposed to continue enjoying it for years to come. Our experts can help you identify the perfect color combination to fit your natural tones, as well as meet the fashion goals you have. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about our extensive fur selection.