Morris Kaye condition your fur coatWith October coming fresh off the heels of September, we can officially say that fall is in full swing. You know what that means: you can finally pull your favorite fur coat out of storage and start wearing it again! However, sometimes this is a little easier said than done. What are you supposed to do, for instance, if you made a mistake with your storage method and your precious fur coat comes out smelling a little strange? We don’t suggest throwing it out. After all, your fur coat is an investment! There are, in fact, quite a few things you can do to freshen up your fur coat, so the only scent you leave trailing behind you as you wear it this fall and winter is your favorite perfume. Here are some tips if you find your fur coat smells less than pristine.

Bag Your Coat

For this first step, we recommend placing your coat in a garment bag or even a plastic garbage bag. As long as it keeps your coat covered and doesn’t carry its own scent, it’s a fine option. Just be sure to seal whatever bag you’re using for your coat as much as possible. You don’t want any air inside, as this will damage the deodorizing process and perhaps even the well being of your coat.


There’s a good chance that, at some point during your coat’s storage, mites found their way into the fur and converted it into their new forever home. Sticking your coat into a freezing environment is one way to successfully evict these mites from your coat and, in turn, get rid of the smell that’s keeping you from reincorporating it into your ensemble.

We recommend letting your coat sit for a length of no less than three full days. While you wait, you can brush up your knowledge of how to take care of real fur—both during storage periods and when you’re ready to wear your coat again!


Once you’ve let your coat freeze for long enough, there’s not much else left to do! Simply remove it from the freezer and take it out of its bag. From this point forward, you can either move on to wearing it, or tuck it away in your closet until it’s time to debut it for late fall or winter. The choice is completely yours.

Here at Morris Kaye & Sons, we understand that your fur coat is an investment. That’s why we strive to give you all the resources to help you care for your coat as thoroughly as possible. You can rely on our services for a wide array of your fur coat needs, from storing to cleaning. We are even available to condition your fur coat to keep it looking as sleek and shiny as the day you welcomed it into your closet. To learn more about our services and how we can help keep your fur looking its best, don’t hesitate to contact us!